PCH Initials Contest Match Game

PCH Initials Contest Match Game

2,525 thoughts on “PCH Initials Contest Match Game”

  1. Carmen N Ricaurte Aguilera says:

    1- DL
    2- TS
    3- DS
    Thank you for a chance to be a winner!

  2. Sharon Hegwood says:

    3. Dave Sayer
    1. Danielle Lam
    2. Todd Sloane

  3. Jhonny Cajuste says:

    Ready to be a millionaire

  4. Kim Beyer says:

    #1 DL #2 TS #3 DS. I would like to win the big prize a mill a year for life so I could buy a home with a big garden for my ailing mom I love her so much.She would get so much enjoyment from it. I love you all good luck.

  5. Pauline Witbeck says:

    1. DL
    2. TS
    3. DS

  6. maribel says:

    1.DS 2,DL 3.TS

  7. Alma Levine says:

    Danielle Lam
    Todd Sloane
    Dave Sayer

  8. Esther Smith says:

    1.- Danielle Lamp
    2.- Todd Sloane
    3.- Dave Sayer

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