PCH Initials Contest Match Game

PCH Initials Contest Match Game

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  1. Susan VanOrden 1 DL 2 TS 3 ds There I put them in order

  2. dianna says:

    good luck to everyone and myself too

  3. tisha schmitt says:

    its so nice to have the chance to say hi and that im so looking fwd to your trip to iowa!!!! well be looking for you on april 30 2013
    we are already dreaming of the great things my family could do for so many
    ill make breakfast !!
    1 dl
    2 ts (like me)
    3 ds
    safe traveling:) god bless

  4. Shantel McBride says:

    1: DL
    2: TS
    3: DS
    All three of them are fabulous and great people. Glad to know there are people like them in this world 🙂

  5. Gladys Dejesus Mitchell says:

    1. DL
    2. TS
    3. DS

  6. Linda Galster says:

    Happy 60 th Anniversary and many more to come

  7. Linda Galster says:

    1-dl 2. ts 3- ds

  8. cinfy bokkin says:

    todd salone danelle lam dave sayer

  9. maribel says:

    1.DS,2.DL 3.TS

  10. Tammy Estell says:

    Danielle Lamb, Todd Sloan, Dave Sayer.

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