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This year Publishers Clearing House is celebrating its 60th year in business. Did you know that the company was started in a basement in a small town bringing you your favorite magazine deals? It’s true! You blog readers know all about shopping at PCH for terrific values on quality merchandise. But you might not know that our tradition of offering fantastic magazine titles at low, low prices also continues today. And that’s what I’m here to tell you about!

Allow me to introduce myself…I’m Donna, Senior Account Executive of Publisher Relations. I have been with PCH for over thirty years, and I’m proud to be one of the people that bring you these incredible magazine deals. We have titles on everything you could possibly want…from sprucing up your home and garden for spring, to finding a new recipe, buying a new car (or fixing up the old one), learning about the latest in science and technology or just checking out the latest celebrity news and gossip. I know I love when my favorite magazines come in the mail because it is so much fun to discover all the new ideas, inspiration and information they bring into my home.


You can choose from over 150 titles. We have all your favorites like TV GUIDE, PREVENTION, PEOPLE, and FAMILY CIRCLE, all with savings of up to 80% or more off cover prices. WOW! That adds up to BIG savings for you. Because spring is here, I know you may be interested in getting your garden into shape. I love BIRDS AND BLOOMS because it shows you how to grow beautiful plants that will attract birds and butterflies to your yard.  Look for this title and more in the Cooking, Home and Garden tab.


With so many titles to choose from at BIG Savings, I’m sure you will find something to try and remember you can enjoy exclusive PCH customer benefits: send no money now, free inspection and 100% satisfaction guaranteed. Here’s how and it’s so much fun — if you haven’t registered yet, you’ll first have to fill out the registration form (no purchase necessary, of course) — and then continue on to see our amazing selection of magazines online at great discounts, put together for fans like you!

Happy Shopping!


Donna Z.
Senior Account Executive, Publisher Relations

P.S. What’s YOUR favorite magazine? Comment below and let me know!

113 thoughts on “Order Your Favorite Magazines Online At PCH Anytime!”

  1. Deborah Andrade says:

    OmG I’m having the same problem would just like to order a magazine would you like our money or not can’t order unless you go through games please fix this!!!

  2. Terry Piatt says:

    Donna Z should be fired!!! You are not helping would be customers order magazines. Last I knew that was what PCH is about, connecting the two together to earn a profit.

  3. Brenda Nelson says:

    Better home and Garden’s Magazines

  4. I want to order magazines for my nephew
    And have them sent to his house
    How do you go about getting this done
    Thanks a lot pch

  5. Nikki Morell says:

    For the life of me,no matter how many times I click that link above,& register…NO LINK TAKES ME TO ANY MAGAZINES! Only,EVER,CONTEST INFO! Are you even still selling magazines? Or,just doing contests? Please…just send me a DIRECT LINK TO THE MAGAZINES! I’ve registered more than enough to darn near win anything & everything,which I don’t ever believe I will…simply ’cause I’d actually do some good works with the money,& not just blow it on stuff I don’t need. I’m actually in need of some magazines,please. Also,don’t know how long it will take you to see & respond to this,so I will seek out any other possible links where I can post my query till I get an emailed link from you. Thanks!

  6. peter mattingly says:

    How do I order a subscription to Consumer reports mag?

  7. books or magainzes Judy? Usually the first magazines don’t arrive for about 6 weeks or so. fyi.

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