A Million Dollars A Year For Life…A Dream Come True!

Hello PCH fans!

A few nights ago, I grabbed Chinese takeout for Scott and me. I don’t know about you, but one of my favorite parts of ordering Chinese is getting to the fortune cookie. Here’s what my fortune said:

4_15_Fortune Cookie

I think this fortune was a little late! My dreams already DID come true almost five years ago when the Prize Patrol handed me a big check with my name on it! Winning a million dollars really changed my life. I was able to reduce the number of jobs I worked, we demolished our debt, and if you remember from one of my previous blogs, we finally built our dream home.

Well, very soon someone else’s dream may become a reality. How you ask? You know how! Publishers Clearing House has A Million Dollars A Year For LIFE up for grabs!

A Million. A Year. For Life.

The possibility of such a prize boggles the mind, doesn’t it? I thought I was overwhelmed when Dave turned around the check and showed me that I had won the $1Million SuperPrize. Just imagine what my reaction would have been had the words “A Year For Life” had appeared underneath my name!

The possibilities would have jumped by leaps and bounds! Let’s see… maybe we’d have our current home and another vacation home. Maybe we’d travel to a new country twice a year. Maybe we’d start a charitable foundation to help traditional and non-traditional students with college costs.

But nevermind me. YOU have a chance to enter to win! The April 30th SuperPrize Event is just around the corner. So enter every single way you can, including on pch.com and PCHSearch&Win!

Get your daily entries in, then be sure to comment below and tell us what YOU would do if you won A Million Dollars A Year For Life? And don’t forget to ‘friend’ me on Facebook at “Natalie Bostleman” and/or ‘follow’ me on Twitter @NatalieatPCH.

May YOUR dreams come true!

Natalie Bostelman 
2008 SuperPrize Winner
PCH Goodwill Ambassador

248 thoughts on “A Million Dollars A Year For Life…A Dream Come True!”

  1. Robin Doss says:

    Would Love to win it, would answer a lot of our Prayers right now. Love To All :-)

  2. alvin Browning,Jr says:

    PCH, Wish me luck get win millions dollars never know so hope me win someday

  3. Brian besaw says:

    It would be life changing and I would also with the winnings I would like to help out the poor kids that need help. I would also take care me and wife by a house and pay it off and have no bills, but living bills. Please pick my wife and I could use the help so bad.

  4. Count me in need that pch

  5. John says:

    I would be happy if can win

  6. Shirley says:

    I would have my dream home built in Independence, Oh. I’ve already picked out the land, and the home to build. a French Country cottage, with 3,230 sq. ft.. You see every thing is ready, Now it’s time for the prize petrol to knock at my door in Garfield Hts.

  7. Rose Acosta says:


  8. jessica snyder says:

    I want to win it would be such an amazing blessing I could pay off all my bills ,help my family put money back for my children’s college Fix up my house and this will change our life forever i could donate to the church and donate to the children fighting cancer.

  9. Goe Sihachak says:

    If I win men? So much thing that I can do to help all ppl that need this. Like like been working sent I was 8 old year old no dad, just mom take care us, live in the camp live is so poor no shoes to ware. Men if I win that, that is going to be for my mom she work so head to take care of us, even when no we came the the land of the free, stil notthing is free here, I just wish that want day money to me is not a issue, but I work so head just to get by any day, not thing nice never happen in life, just tire my baker. Just wish I win that.

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