4_15_Fortune Cookie

4_15_Fortune Cookie

44 thoughts on “4_15_Fortune Cookie”

  1. lisbeth Berrios says:

    lisbeth Berrios PCH GWY No 4900 PCH GWY No. 4902!

  2. Donna Potter says:

    I would like to enter the and you could win this $25,000.00 Bonus (PHC Gwy.No.4902)! and on October 23rd, you could receive the first of many checks for $7000.00 A week (PCH Gwy. No. 4900)! Today… and this could become your reality!
    Hope my entries have been valudated , processed, issued numbers and placed on the winners selection list and most of all choosen as the winner!
    Thank you sincerely
    Donna Potter

  3. claudette from hawaii says:

    Give my 7grandchildren and 9 greatgrandchildren a good education.

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