Will You Become The Next PCH Sweepstakes Winner?

Lee Child, the author of seventeen novels about Jack Reacher, the title character of a new movie starring Tom Cruise, has often been asked “How do you create suspense?”  He wrote a column recently in The New York Times answering the question.  And you know what?  I realized that my esteemed Publishers Clearing House colleague Danielle Lam has known the answer all along.

How do Lee and Danielle do it?  It’s not like a cake recipe where you put together all the right ingredients and bake at a precise temperature for just the right amount of time.  No, the secret is to keep your followers guessing.  In Lee’s case his readers are kept on the edge of their seats until the book’s final chapter.  In Danielle’s case, her Facebook fans get successive clues on award day without learning the Prize Patrol’s actual destination until – ta dah! the “winning moment.”  Oh the suspense!!  “Whodunit” in the Jack Reacher thriller? “Will the next big winner of the Publishers Clearing House Sweepstakes be ME?”

Just as Mr. Child won’t reveal his book’s exciting conclusion in advance, we at PCH won’t tell you in advance who the Sweepstakes winner is either.  The difference is: he knows, and we don’t.   The identity of our Big Check recipients becomes known to a handful of people at Publishers Clearing House only after the prize drawing — which occurs after the contest end-date and entry processing.  And only after that is the Prize Patrol informed who and where we must go for the Big “SuperPrize.”

One way to add to your personal anticipation and excitement in the Publishers Clearing House Sweepstakes is to enter every chance you get.  And that’s easy.  Our rules allow you to enter every day at pch.com and at our other Publishers Clearing House websites like PCHSearch&Win, PCHGames, PCHLotto and more.  And of course if you receive a PCH Bulletin in the mail, you should send in that entry too.

Ways to enter PCH Sweepstakes

Of course I can’t promise that more entries will eliminate the suspense by making you a winner.  But our recent PCH SuperPrize winners – like John Wylie, Rory Bellamy and Gerard Rivera – are surely glad they entered every chance they got.

So everybody, enter now and the next PCH Sweepstakes winner on April 30th could become YOU!

Dave Sayer PCH

Dave Sayer

Prize Patrol Ambassador

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