Ways to enter PCH Sweepstakes

Ways to enter PCH Sweepstakes

20 thoughts on “Ways to enter PCH Sweepstakes”

  1. carla m Antee says:

    Carla says works for me thank you

  2. marjorie says:

    i been waitting to win and i hop that i win i could reall use the money for my granddouther and pay off bills and help and ather that needs it

  3. Liz G says:

    I will be the next winner. I will share 75 % to a worthy cause.Homeless children, food pantrys and a cancer Foundation like leukemia. Hoping to help others and make to make better place.

  4. Carla M Antee says:

    Follow the list. It needs to be updated

  5. SR says:

    PCH, my anticipation to win a Super Prize is growing more and more with every new game posted on PCH.com. I really want to win and meet the PCH Prize patrol Team soon.

  6. Timothy j. Ruelas says:

    Hellow everyone @pchsearch&win its me Timothy j. Ruelas still fighting this here big win boy its nothing like.being drug threw the dirt on this here big superprize I already have a headake & still wont give up im almost there & its about to drive someone crazy lol I hope you bring a portable shower after all this draging me threw the dirt I kn my road has been prety bumpy so imma make this worth the dragging GOD said hang on so imma hangen so im praying this is are last round of applause will you all make me cry would realy be the question pchwow make me a millionaire for reals Amen I can feel a church burning under my ass oops parden my french weewee lol humor is fun & I still want you all to make me a millionaire for reals so it was nice & hot here in wstsonville calif. How was it in your neck of the wood hahah funny gotta love ypu guys your all a pain in the butt & still doing a great job teaseing me bahumbug not far except good play dang your prety tuff I like now that my ass is sore I need to get back to my game csnt win if you all are bugging me you kn how I get when I start talken now gotsta go blessing all & all a good night I sound like santa & im waiting on my gift first jjust kinding ok c you got me started again ok I took a deep breath now night sweet dreams all in the world dream of me winning lol

  7. Allen Hamilton says:

    As per your recommendation on the blog I enter each contest each day and have the time to commit to
    try and win.
    Wouldn’t it be great to win a prize and or money let along the PCH big one.
    Thank you,
    Allen H.

  8. Alycia Carlisle says:

    Congrats to Connie of Idaho for winning PCH Sweepstakes! So happy for her & thankful to PCH for making dreams come true.

    Alycia Carlisle
    Bakersfield, Ca

  9. David Dy says:

    Do we have to enter by each of those list? or just by games and search and responding to the emails are fine?

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