MARCH-2013 TV_Blog_countdown1day

MARCH-2013 TV_Blog_countdown1day

557 thoughts on “MARCH-2013 TV_Blog_countdown1day”

  1. $1,000,000.00 for like a year would be nice

  2. Carlos Reinoso says:

    Last day to enter. I wanna…wanna WIN!!!

  3. Carole Pitej says:

    When can I expect you.Make sure when you stop by bring that check.what I would do with that money: Donate to Alzheimer’s,Cancer,ALS, St. Jude’s,ASPCA,just to name a few.

  4. Kathleen Griffin says:

    OMG, The Superdays just keep on coming. Are these guys great or what? I’m on a tiny phone typing this. I hope you can read it. Have a great day!!!!

  5. Cheryle says:

    Last day and I am here..

  6. Cheryle H says:

    Would love to see who wins

  7. Don’t make me wait and see the deadline prize come and go.

  8. jan says:

    m y husband lost sight in one eye it would be fortunate to be able to even win alittle thank you all and whoever may win may they need it and apprieciate that god let them win

  9. laudy says:

    i hope you remember me i will be lucky that day

  10. Laura says:

    Thank you Last day I am here !!

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