MARCH-2013 TV_Blog_countdown1day

MARCH-2013 TV_Blog_countdown1day

822 thoughts on “MARCH-2013 TV_Blog_countdown1day”

  1. H. Headley-Boyce says:

    H. Headley-Boyce: Outstanding debits: I need to win.

  2. Vibol s Proeung says:

    I hope I win a 1,000,000.00 AYEAR AT PCH.

  3. louis solomon says:

    God have bless many people thru PCH, I am waithing for my time.

  4. Erlinda tan says:

    I hope i win this money as my birthday present on 8 22 1946 is my b day,
    Thanks toGod i reach age of 70 yrs im very blessed if i win also . Thank you.

  5. dave downer says:

    This is NOT for the March contest. That’s OLD news.

  6. dave downer says:

    Give lots more smaller prizes. Don’t flood my inbox. No more deadlines. Stay with one entry per day for EACH sweeps. STOP taking entries for future sweeps until previous is complete.

  7. Brenda M says:

    I’m in to win one million a year for life….

  8. Lynda Ragan says:

    This would be a great 74th Birthday present this month(August 24th), AND IT would definitely help me get me back on the right track. ( Monetary problems).

  9. Scott says:

    I need the money so I can take care for my 70 year old mother and my 93 year old grandmother and she has Dementia and it gets so hard when you are disabled also and I only get $887.A month and that’s not enough money.

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