MARCH-2013 TV_Blog_countdown1day

MARCH-2013 TV_Blog_countdown1day

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  1. Tina Carr says:

    Just would like to say thanks for making so many dreams come true!! i am waiting patiently for my turn.. Fingers crossed(Maybe April 30th)will be my turn. Smiles sent o everyone at PCH!!!GOD Bless you guyz.Darlington, SC waiting patiently to see that Van and big Check… 😉

  2. Linda Peterson says:

    Just wanted to say I’m ready for the “Big Check” hope to see you on April 30th, 2013. I got my fingers crossed…

  3. It”s a joy to play PCH I can”t wait to get home from work and fling out my laptop. Keep up the good opportunities, I’m ready to win!!

  4. Ronald L Murray Jr says:

    Looking forward to April 30th. I hope I win. I know everyone entered wants to and it would be a blessing to whom every wins. I know that if I win, I’ll be buying a new Log Cabin and doing what I can to help the community, without it being an handout, but rather a hand up. May good fortune follow us all, Good Luck!!

  5. surprise us in Mississippi

  6. Kerri McMullan says:

    Good luck to all… I have faith that I will get lucky this month!

  7. Richard Allen says:

    I will be looking forward to seeing whoever wins this “Million $ a Year for Life” prize spectacular event! All I can say is I have my name in the hat… it’s the luck of the draw!

  8. alex zacarias says:

    Thanks pch for letting. me know that valuable piece of info. Well with that been said…….good luck everyone who has entered the sweepstakes and for the person who wins………. congratulations……;-)

  9. marian nance says:

    Good Luck everyone!! and PCH, that was A great live video chat! I hope you do it again! but maybe without the difficulties :), either way, I enjoyed it! Hope to see you guys in person come April 30th! Wish me luck everyone I need it right now! 🙂 Thank you all! Sorry to keep it short but I have to get back to entering my sweepstakes!

  10. Jackie Garcia says:


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