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Happy Wednesday blog readers! I’ve got a fun challenge for you that involves using your imagination. I want you to close your eyes and conjure up an image…of your dream home!

This is something that has crossed my mind so many times and it usually happens when I walk my dog. I breeze through the neighborhood looking at all the different houses and admiring the styles that I like. There’s not much to do when walking one’s dog so it’s so easy to daydream!  Here’s what I have figured out so far about the exterior of my dream home. I want it to have a wrap-around porch. It should be classic in style (I’m not really into a modern type look for my dream home). The front yard should be big with a nicely manicured lawn.

Dream Home

As far as the backyard is concerned, I would love to have an in ground swimming pool, maybe with a waterfall and a cool slide! I have always been a sucker for a water slide and to have one with my own pool would be amazing. The deck (yes, I have dreamt of a deck) or patio should have enough space to house a BBQ plus a great set of a table and chairs. Oh, and I can’t forget the hammock!

Water Fall

When it comes to the inside of my dream home, I have all the components in place. The living room would be stylish but homey. I’m envisioning leather couches, hardwood floors and a big screen TV. The kitchen would have stainless steel appliances and marble counter tops. I wouldn’t have an over abundance of bedrooms, just enough for the family and maybe a guest or two. My bathroom would be state of the art (think home-spa!)

Home Spa

Right as I’m happily day dreaming away, I’m usually snapped back to reality by the dog barking, and I realize that sadly, it’s just a dream.

So who’s with me? Have you ever imagined finding your dream home? Take a second to indulge and just try to come up a few components that you want! Maybe you want a modern home. Maybe you are dreaming of escaping to a beachfront property. Maybe you want to build your own dream home from scratch!

Now that you have an idea of what you want, STOP dreaming and actually DO something about your dream. Enter our Dream Home Giveaway, and you could become the winner of $3 Million Dollars to put towards your dream house. WOW, that’s enough money to have practically whatever you want!

Blog2 PCH Dream Home Giveaway

You’ve already imagined and envisioned what you want, so why not make it happen? Take the chance to enter and see if your dream house is just around the corner…courtesy of a BIG check from Publishers Clearing House!

Good luck everyone!

Sarah S.

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2,065 thoughts on “Win YOUR Dream Home with Publishers Clearing House!”

  1. Richard Claro says:

    Wining my dream home will make my life alot easier.Wining I would have the means to help alot of people.It would be nice to have a nice house to live in.And have plenty of room to get things up for people who are really in need.
    Thanks P.C.H. T hanks for keeping us safe and letting us play your games.

  2. PCHSearch&WIN! PCH SuperPrize Entry! PCH WIN $3 Million Towards The Home Of Dreams & Live Happy Ever After! PCH GWY.NO.3080! D.M.

    1. Gloria Riley says:

      I think you I get a praise and glory to Jehovah and I also thank you all for helping me and my family we will you all need a place to live in and now we can have so we can call our own and something to drink with a safe and I thank you very very much from my heart and I promise that I will not be selfish and it will help others in need thank you so much

  3. Richard Claro says:

    I am ready to win the big prize giveaway 3080 When I win I will be allowed to help out a lot of people.I won’t just give a hand out but a hand up to a better life.Give a man a fish and he will expect fish everyday.You take a man fishing and he can provide his own fish forever.Thanks P.C.H. Thanks for keeping us safe.I enjoy playing your games.

    1. Gloria Riley says:

      I would be very happy if I wanted my dream home and I will not be selfish I will help other people of food and clothes or whatever they need we all need one another I do not understand that we live in a critical time and we cannot be selfish and that’s one thing but I am NOT a selfish thank you I appreciate it and look forward to seeing you come to my home to say that I wanted thank you very much appreciated

      1. Renata Tune says:

        It would be my dream come true for me and my children we would finally have a homeof our own too call home

  4. PCHSearch&WIN! PCH SuperPrize Entry! PCH WIN $3 Million Towards The Home Of My Dreams! PCH GWY.NO.3080! D.M.

  5. Richard Claro says:

    I could really use that dream home,When I win it I would give me the means to help alot of people.Reaching my hand out to pick those up who are down in spirits.Giving people the help at just the right time will lift up their spirits,hopes and dreams.
    Thanks P.C.H. Thanks for keeping us all safe.I really enjoy playing your games also.

    1. Gloria Riley says:

      I really leaving my god Jehovah do prayer and if you pray hard enough he make it come true and I strongly leave and him if it’s meant to be it will happen it is not I must keep going on appreciate everything that he does for me he said let your yes be yes 10 me know appreciate the little things then u know how to appreciate the big thing

  6. Renata Tune says:

    I’ really need a dream home for me and my children’so I never have too rent another property’me and my children will be so grateful too pch’

    1. Gloria Riley says:

      love please I really really need this to win this dream house for me and my grandchildren my grandkids really I don’t have a bigger place for them to go and live there of the day and crisis right now ending really need a place to stay this mean a lot to me and appreciate that you’re doing that I never wanted anything so this really mean alot to me please help me help me make my dream come true I pray everyday hope this is possible for me to win this thank you and I hope I will get this thank you so much love you all preciated and butter

  7. Richard Claro says:

    I’m ready to win my dream home.Then I will be able to help alot of people.

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