PCH Dream Home Giveaway

PCH Dream Home Giveaway

233 thoughts on “PCH Dream Home Giveaway”

  1. carolinejinks says:

    yes PCH i want to win the 500,000.00 dream home gwy no 4950

  2. carolinejinks says:

    PCH I dream to win PCH 3,000,00.00 dream home sweepstakes from gwy no 4900 so that my family will have a home and this is why that I enter everyday to win it

  3. A chance to win $3,000,000 for adream home. I must be dreaming!!!
    Bill K.

  4. “Is it real” I pray that it is real. Thanks to you, and 3080, 4900. ID 88256388.

  5. Madge Virgo says:

    My Dream Home – Many Thanks Publishers Clearing House Gwy.4900.

  6. Mess says:

    Laura Byrnes
    I know their are many who really would love to win this. I am writing to let you know that I am disabled and my husband has a birth defect in his pancreas and my MotherHas a back problem and has had back surgery a and is stil l in a lot of pain? My illness is is terminally would be be great to get my family in in one place. It would be great to great every one in one placed. I would love to win the the three million Dream🐬🐬🐬🐬 House in Florida.

  7. Pch I’m claiming Gwy 3080 and Gwy 4900prizes because the idea is if you have a great big house u have to get a car so pch win it all $ 3,000.000.00 and still on the hunt for more .Dennies.

  8. carla m Antee says:

    Pch Thank you for The Golden opportunity to win The Dream Home Gwy 3080 4900 NBC Event Winner Carla Michelle Antee of Natchitoches LA

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