Win Instant Cash With PCH Scratch Cards At The NEW!

Have you seen it blog readers? has had a major makeover with a hot new look and even more exciting PCH scratch cards for you to enjoy!

Take a look at her before and after photos:




New PCH.COM Homepage

At first glance, you may be enamored by her sleek new color palette, but, as you know, beauty isn’t only “skin” deep and that’s why the new, improved has more and more ways for you to win money and prizes and bank tokens!

Because is all about YOU!

Now YOU have the choice of which games you want to play first, YOU get to unlock $5,000.00 and $10,000.00 bonus opportunities just for playing cool games online that you already love and YOU get to score major tokens at every turn!

And that’s only the beginning!

On top of everything else, has unleashed FIVE NEW $1,000.00 PCH SCRATCH CARDS in Scratch Central including:

$1,000.00 Big City Cash Instant Win

Big City Cash Instant Win PCH Scratch Card

$1,000.00 Splash of Cash Instant Win

Splash Of Cash Instant Win PCH Scratch Card

$1,000.00 Roadster Thrill Bills! Instant Win

Roadster Bills Thrills Instant Win PCH Scratch Card

$1,000.00 Relax to the Max! Instant Win

Relax to the Max Instant Win PCH Scratch Card

$1,000.00 Rockstar Cash Instant Win!

Rockstar Cash Instant Win PCH Scratch Card

Isn’t it amazing?  And there’s even more to come – so keep visiting every single day and let me know if you like what you see!  I know I do, and even though I can’t win instant cash, I just can’t get enough of all the cool PCH Scratch Cards that has to offer at Scratch Central. I just can’t wait a minute longer to go and play my five cards today so for now…

Happy Gaming,

Laurel U.

PCH Creative

840 thoughts on “Win Instant Cash With PCH Scratch Cards At The NEW!”

  1. thanks i am in it to win although i enjoy playing pch games.

  2. Connie O'Field says:

    I want to win.

  3. I would love to win instant cash but it’s hard to keep playing

  4. M. E. MAUD SEELEY says:


  5. Pch 24 Hour Blow Out Win Prizes Instantly Plus, $5,000.00 A Week “Forever” Prize No-4900 On February 26th Activate !

  6. Anita says:

    Pch what happens when someone computer goes out and your unabe to complete your pch games and stuff be cause my computer took a dump….

  7. Umaru Kamara says:

    I’m ask pch officials and members to please claim and secure my entries to win scratch-off card prize amount and also I’m going for the big prize: $5,000.00 a week forever on forever on February 26th from pch GWY no.4900! And also win $100.00 cash prize as part of my initials U.K from pch GWY no.6650! Plus win legacy-making opportunity that could changed my life! For the tournament games offers we are thanks your officials & members of pch for the opportunities !!!

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