252 thoughts on “Before_Picture”

  1. Lee G says:

    I love this vault game but PCH makes it harder to find it ,I want to win there are things
    that they sell that I want to by but I am not putting my self in a hole to get to them. If I can win the$5,000.00 a week forever I can get them.

  2. Kevin L. Burton says:

    Can you please inform me on how to enter each sweepstakes and games

  3. J.Hale says:

    I need it bad but only God has the control I give it all to you To God be the glory

  4. Truevenio Waterd says:

    My first time playing,I would love to win,it would really help me and my family out

  5. Sharon.Kerns says:

    i would love to win,if did it woud be a dam come true.

  6. Joann Onweller says:

    Joann Onweller,
    I would love to win $1,000.00 surprise today. It would really come in handy for bills.

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