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  1. Brooke says:

    The first thing i would do if i win is give my family $1,000 each and then i would Never struggle again i would be Able to eat 3x a day((: i would help my mom with everything she needs. Then i would get her new dentures<3 i would get my dog hip replacement surgery as well. The world is a big place but money don't grow on trees, and fields don't work themselves. The people that work hard and don't make enough money aren't only Tired & exhausted but their STILL struggling
    And just want to to Give up. I know how it feels. I pray to god every single night asking for a miracle. Which still hasn't happened & only god knows why. All i am asking for is a chance at pch i would feel soo blessed<3

  2. I Would be Ever so blessed if i should Win the big Prize on April 30th ,there Would be No Worries bills for the rest of my life and Hope that My Number Will Come Up and I Love to Have the Opportunity to knock M,y Door on April 30th

  3. Cindy M says:

    Hello,All PCH. Happy Easter. I think I have finally Found IT–From Tracking Report
    # 14006 .I think My Entry Number is # PCH14006. It was Entry Processed. I am Shaking I am so excited. I know this doesn’t count as a Winner yet. But as least I am getting closure to my goal. Thank You PCH for giving all US SEARCHERS so many was to win.
    Prize # 4900 $10,000.00 a Week For “LIFE” “FOREVER” ,”SET FOR LIFE”. # 3080, Prize # $ 4651, 4749, # 4650- has many prizes. please include any i may have won.

  4. paying games you love and can win awesome

  5. mary cheek says:

    If I win I can . That is why I keep playing this gamepay for my daughters surgery she has breast cancer

  6. Cindy M. says:

    Cindy M. Frustrated, but still trying. Just like yesterday. trying to get scratch cards to play. But just as set to go. WAM. I’m back where I started.

  7. Layee Harris says:

    If I win this game, I will pay off my car loan and buy a home for me and my family

  8. walter Countryman says:

    If i could win 7,000 a week I would pay off my aunts car and buy a new one w

  9. David spivey says:

    Hey pch if I could win the 7,000 a week for life I would pay all of my sisters hospital bills that remain; which is a ton and then I would pay my church back the exact penny to the fundraiser they raised for her. My sister was 12 when she died of brain cancer and from all the loans my mom and grandparents took out for her they are struggling pretty bad right now so it would be a blessing in so many ways thank you so much PCH.

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