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  1. earl Stewart says: thank you so much for this opportunity……Gwy No: 4900! “Plus More”! $5,000.00 Cash prize Shopping Spree…. Plus Scratch off cards that could win I up to $2,500.00 cash instantly….. To: “Publishing clearing house” thank you from my heart giving me this opportunity to change my life……. :)


    1. Dion Dorizas says:

      How do you win??? PCH send me about ten e-mails a day with the playing tickets out of which more than 8 are very difficult to understand or require too much of my time…

  3. Ivy Holmes says:

    I have played on the scratch cards in the morning and on pch play and win app. I am on a cell phone and I can only do what I can! I cannot locate several of these instant win cash prizes because I do not have a large home computer. I hope this does not spoil my chance of winning a super prize. does any of this get taken into consideration? I truly hope it does not ruin my chances and I hope that Publishers Clearing House does take this into consideration and hopefully in the random draw my name plus several others who do not have a home computer but does participate in playing does not get marked off the winners final list. Can anyone answer this for me? Please enter me into any and all ongoing Sweepstakes and cash crave or breaking the bank prizes I would greatly appreciate all the help I can get. God bless you all and may he be with each and everyone of us when we need him at any time. which I know he is there for us at all times.

  4. jL says:

    Love to win big

  5. Linda Arrington says:

    I cant wait, ineed a frige mine is leakin stove works sometimes, im outta dog and cat food n i have a liitle stuff canned we r livin on, i dobt have a car so thats a Real blessing, my clorhes are old so thats a gd thing there to, i need every thing, thank you pch,,,

  6. Jessica lambert says:

    Like it cause in it to win it

  7. lottie sampson says:

    Me and my family would to love to win one million dollars plus 5,000.00 for life i really do need it i get us a house and a car and take trip with my family

  8. carla antee says:

    like new look

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