Big City Cash Instant Win PCH Scratch Card

Big City Cash Instant Win PCH Scratch Card

360 thoughts on “Big City Cash Instant Win PCH Scratch Card”

  1. Sarah Darnell says:

    I would love to be your winner, I wan’t to claim the 6900 prize of 10,000.00 a week for life. Thanks

  2. Alana Jacobs says:

    I play your games and they are just for a chance to win you win these tokens you should be able to redeem real prizes and not just a chance you the the chance and time to play for what note chances fun is fun but not for chance after you win these tokens why can’t you have fun for something real prizes.

  3. mike brewer says:

    i need to win cash

  4. mike says:

    I went to be the nxet PCH. Prizes big win

  5. Robert Bledsoe says:

    This new game is not working for me I clicked on the coin an nothing is happening at all

  6. Diane Sorelle says:

    The new scratch game isn’t working for me. I hit the coin and nothing happenssoress

  7. im clicking on coin but its not working…. help

  8. The little PCH I like to Win $5,000 Cash Plus $25,000 bonus cash Plus $1,000 a week for life

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