Prize Patrol Champagne

Dave posing with the Prize Patrol champagne!

9 thoughts on “Prize Patrol Champagne”

  1. Anita Brown says:

    Yes Im waitin on that bottle right threr.

  2. Marc Burton says:

    when its will be happened?

  3. Kathy smith says:

    I can’t believe another prize is on the way to a chosen lucky winner! Question … Is the shadow real? I made comment to the post, although noticed the share initiated, and to my confusion, removed the post to avoid PCH impersonators! Good luck to all!

  4. michael mayns says:

    Champagne oh that would be nice Daniel Todd Dave it be nice to see you three of you coming to see me I’m waiting make my dreams come true I don’t drink but I sure would make an exception still in it to win it

  5. Marc Burton says:

    lets share that bottle….

  6. Kurt McKesson says:

    I would drink that

    1. Lupe Celis says:

      I would just like to win anything –anything at ALL!

  7. Jorge Ramirez says:

    I want one of these just to have as a rare collection! would be my pride and joy! :}

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