Who Won The April 30th PCH SuperPrize Event?

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I don’t know about you, but SuperPrize days are my FAVORITE days. This morning I woke up so happy that our April 30th PCH SuperPrize Event is finally here! I’m sure you’re all dying to find out who won One Million Dollars in the PCH Sweepstakes. Well the feeling is mutual! Here at PCH Headquarters in Port Washington, New York, we too can’t wait to find out who our big winner is. And we think it’s so cool that the Prize Patrol could be on their way to one of YOU!

You know what’s also pretty cool? The PCH Prize Patrol is on the road RIGHT NOW – which means we’ll find out who the winner is IN JUST HOURS! And as promised, we’ll be giving you clues all throughout the day RIGHT HERE on the blog, so you can follow along with the fun! Keep checking back because by the end of the day, we’ll post the exciting winner announcement!


We’re so happy to announce that GLENDA DANCY from STATESVILLE, NORTH CAROLINA was the winner of the $1,000,000.00 Big Check from the PCH Sweepstakes! Congratulations GLENDA!

And remember, if YOU commented on this blog today, you could become a winner too! We’ll be announcing the winners of our exclusive blog prizes in just a few days here on the PCHblog, so keep checking back to find out if it’s YOU!

***12:05 PM — NEW CLUE***
The winner’s town has an annual hot air balloon festival.

***11:50 AM — NEW CLUE***
The winner’s town is NOT the state capital.

***11:00 AM — NEW CLUE***
The name of the winner’s town has the letter “a” in it.

***10:30 AM — PRIZE UPDATE***
It’s official! I can now announce that the winner of our One Million Dollar SuperPrize lives in NORTH CAROLINA. How exciting! Stay tuned…there’s more clues to come!

***10:11 AM — NEW CLUE***
The winner’s state vegetable is the sweet potato. Yummm!

 ***8:10 AM — NEW CLUE***
The winner’s state name has TWO words.

The PCH Prize Patrol had to board a plane to reach the winner’s home.

Have you figured it out yet? You can check out Danielle’s PCH Prize Patrol Fan Page for even more clues! Be sure to write your guesses in the comment space below because DON’T FORGET…

PCH SuperPrize Event with Danielle Lam

That’s right! MORE PRIZES! ONLY TODAY! ONLY FOR BLOG READERS! As we told you yesterday, we will be randomly awarding 3 $100.00 CASH PRIZES to folks who comment on the PCH Blog today!

All you have to do to enter is leave a comment on today’s blog post during the hours of 12 AM, ET and 11:59 PM, ET. What you post is totally up to you!

So what are you waiting for? COMMENT NOW if you want to be in it to win it! And don’t forget to keep checking back here for more clues about where the Prize Patrol is headed!

Good luck!

Amanda C., PCH Creative

Amanda C.
PCH Creative

2,786 thoughts on “Who Won The April 30th PCH SuperPrize Event?”

  1. carlamantee says:

    My state of Louisiana or California

  2. Iktr! I’ll see you lovely folks soon! LOL :) #PCH #April30th

  3. marvel marks says:

    I got breaking news, I could be the next winner on April 30,2015 I want to win pch

  4. winning the set for life would definitely help with my retirement. would be able to enjoy life more than i have. br able to payoff all my debts and also help out my family.

  5. love to winner April 30 help friends and family purchase new home

  6. Hello PCH,
    I am here today about winning big on April 30th.
    Hello !! Can you see me ?
    Hello there over here !! Can you see me now? I am over here by the window.
    Yes it is I the middle aged woman with the blue eyes. Yes that is me dancing on the table.
    OOPS !! The table fall over and now I am laying on the floor. Way down here do you see me now?
    I am the one who looks like the idiot waving my arms in the air yelling do you see me now ??
    I need to know if you can see me now? it seems that no one can see or hear me around here. I am the middle aged woman with the blue eyes ,who wants to win more than any thing.
    Oh if I could just win enough to buy my own little house. :) A place I can call home. Did I say home ?? I have never been home before and fell it is right time for me to find one. Some where I can fell safe and sleep well at night. If I want to plant a flower I can or even a vegetable garden.
    Please consider this as my entry for the April 30th give away. Oh how sweet it could be. I am ready as ever to be my own person in my own home. HOME !!! A kind soft word I love to say.
    Joann Parrott :)
    The middle aged woman with the blue eyes..

  7. Melissa says:

    This would be awesome my family could really use some help

  8. courtney chamlee says:

    I hope its me really need it student loans and a two small children. I have been entering every day for the past year

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