PCH SuperPrize Event with Danielle Lam

PCH SuperPrize Event with Danielle Lam

176 thoughts on “PCH SuperPrize Event with Danielle Lam”

  1. Jerad Sartwell says:

    PCH changes lives, even without winning a prize it at least gives some people hope, and hope is one of the strongest forces of positivity in the world!

  2. Susie Riopelle says:

    Im in it to win it and i want to win ill never give up everyday all kind of ways

  3. Danny Hall says:

    You all have a wonderful 2015 !

  4. Bramwell Hightman says:

    Bramwell Hightman,say

    I can’t believe in contiuion with out winning. I quit and Thank you
    Because,Since 2009-2014, WoW! Contiune lost it.

    ALL STAFF,Thank you

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