$10,000 Anniversary Prize

$10,000 Anniversary Prize

1,671 thoughts on “$10,000 Anniversary Prize”

  1. Reema G S says:

    I want to win something/anything. It’s been, almost, a year so far and nothing. How about the $10,000 anniversary prize!

  2. Carl W. Morehead says:

    Yes I Really would (need) to win this sweepstake!!!!!!

  3. Ruhl Bunker says:

    I want to win $7,000,,00 a week &$10,00,00 super prize

  4. gary lamere says:

    hank you pch prize patrol i want to win $10.000.00 with the $7,000.oo a week for life

  5. james jantz says:

    let us all win

  6. James Miller says:

    Pch gwy no 6164 prize 10,000 pch yes I want to be the next biggest winner at 2422 Barton Chapel rd.

  7. Luis Garcia says:

    Yes I Want to win 10,000 for my family also I Accept my pch 7,000 a week for a lifetime owner

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