$10,000 Anniversary Prize

$10,000 Anniversary Prize

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  1. monica moreno says:

    This would be a dream come true if i was to win PCH

  2. PCH, I have many people I want so desperately help! I want a little security for me and a smaller home with a dependable car. But I just turned 65 today and I’ve had my life and it was an interesting/good life. I’d like to finish things up by making those in need happy with some security of their own plus a few nice things for themselves. I HAVE learned the secret, and that true happiness comes with giving. Also, it’s okay if a person gets a little along the way.

  3. I would love to win the $10,000.00 for life, I would help my family, friends, church, human society, homeless, veteran’s and the cancer charity, all in jesus name. Would be the greatest blessing to help in our lords name.

  4. hi pch
    I really really want win 10.000.00 a week for life prize claim and 5x6x activate entry

  5. I would love to win 10,000.00 a week for life, pch gwy 4900, and help all my family, and friends, thank you pch

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