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  1. the question is will Christina Shepherd from Broxton Georgia win the Publishers Clearing House on December 23rd 2016 yes yes Lord

  2. yes I Christina Shepherd wants to win $10,000 and $10,000 a week for life on December 23rd 2016 in It to Win It I know this is all I’ve been praying for you and God is going to give it To me2 days before his birthday in it to win it for my PCH kids we need it I don’t do all leave I am the next Publishers Clearing House winner

  3. I would [LOVE] Too Win any Prizes, Money , Prizes. Also [ LOVE ] TO SEE them before, they[ GO see GOD in HEAVEN ] I LOSS ONE of them already, disease THAT HIT FRIENDS THIS YEAR really bad / I”M on disability so I’am budget & ” SON IN COLLEGE [HE graduated this year./NOW he”s going five-year of school ,very PROUD of him] I let my teeth go == SO i let my needs!!, GO and it’s affect my MOUTH.// BUT you”re children always come first/ so I know what my mother meet”} WHEN she would say that.} .EVERY one would,, LOVE LIKE to WIN / SO DOES VERY ONE NEED MONEY ? I know I WOULD LOVE WIN ?????mbird SO GOOD LUCK TO ALL Some ONE Will WIN