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  1. So much good could be done with that type winnings. So many to help StJudes, Ronal Mc Donal house, Crippled children, Animal shelters, Save the dogs that are going to kill for humans to eat, those poor, poor dogs

  2. Hey pch. Today is a bitter sweet one.
    If you remember i posted my baby brother was very ill. He pasted this past sunday. We are saying our good byes today. A sad day for us all & and his wife and kids. Iam hoping and praying that you come to my door. Today Sweet! Between bural cost &
    paying off the hospital thats.
    Trust iam on my knees. So Yes i want to Win whatever Godswill for me to. All or some. My giveaway
    Numbers 8800 -8187. Thank you all.

    Marilyn Maxey

  3. My family tells me all the time that I will never win anything from PCH I wish I could win to prove them wrong God knows I need to win