Sleepy North Carolina Household Wakes Up To $1 Million SuperPrize

Read the story of how Glenda Dancy won the PCH $1 Million SuperPrize on April 30th, 2013!PCH $1 Million SuperPrize Winner Glenda Dancy and Prize Patrol

April 30 started as a pretty ordinary day for the Dancy family in Statesville, NC.  Glenda was up and about helping her husband Archie get ready for a medical appointment.  Their adult son Jason was asleep upstairs having returned at 6 AM from his night shift job.  Little did any of them imagine that, at 10 AM, a group of unexpected guests would knock on the door and turn this unremarkable morning into an experience they would never forget.

But that’s just what happened:  The Publishers Clearing House Prize Patrol, the team that some call America’s most wanted house guests, drove up in their famous van, jumped out, marched up the walk with roses and balloons and shocked the daylights out of Glenda Dancy — with a Big Check — worth $1 Million!

“Why didn’t you tell me you were coming?” Glenda asked, clearly wishing she had been prepared for the “winning moment” being video-taped by our Prize Patrol cameraman and by TV reporters from neighboring Charlotte and Winston Salem, N.C.  WBTV News and WXII12  both covered the exciting winning moment.

Click on these links to see the local news reports:

WBTV Local News Coverage

WXII12 Local News Coverage

“We never tell anyone we’re coming,” I told Glenda.  And that’s the truth: The “winning moments” that have been the iconic core of our TV ads for 25 years (!!!) are totally spontaneous, unstaged, and unrehearsed – like a surprise party on the doorstep.  They are as real as the real people who really win real money from Publishers Clearing House, the grand-daddy of sweepstakes.

PCH $1 Million SuperPrize Winner Glenda Dancy and Son


Glenda quickly woke up Jason who came groggily to the door wondering what was so important to interrupt his needed sleep.  When he saw the reason – in the form of a Big Check with his mother’s name on it – he almost fainted.  “OMG” he gasped, weak in the knees, then quickly awakened to give his mom a congratulatory hug.  Archie, now fully dressed, arrived in the doorway next and shook his head in disbelief – or should I say new belief.

Retirees Glenda and Archie have raised a large family of children and grandchildren.  Neighbors who gathered round said no couple was more deserving.  So we hope they will do what Glenda says is probably high on their list: take a nice trip.

Congratulations Glenda!

PCH $1 Million SuperPrize Winner Glenda Dancy

Now “Listen up” you blog readers!  What happened to Glenda could happen to YOU.   You have just as good a chance as Glenda did of winning a prize worth thousands, even millions of dollars from Publishers Clearing House.  So don’t delay: Enter our sweepstakes NOW at, and enter every day for more chances to win.

Wishing you the best of luck.


Dave Sayer PCH

Dave Sayer

Prize Patrol Ambassador

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  3. Andrew says:

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  4. Bruk says:

    I always reelpid, when asked if I knew what I was carrying, A hamster. And we are looking forward to it! We didn’t find out with our 1st, a son, but we did find out with the other 3, (ALL girls) and yes, with #1, I wanted a boy, #2 I wanted a girl, #3 was a gimme’ since we had one of each already and #4 I REALLY wanted a boy to even things out, but we got a girl and we were okay, a teeny bit disappointed, but really okay with it. Now I’ll sell all 4 for mere pennies on the dollar! (JOKING we are getting to the teenage angst years which is very confusing with all these girls in the house.)

  5. Helen Shewchuk nee Hall says:

    What’s a tad surprising are some of the folks who publicly profess to help the less fortunate in the event of a PCH Sweepstakes win, yet, it’s ‘sour grapes’ after a winner is announced? Normally those who tend to refrain from promising to give to this, that
    and the other, are usually the ones who follow thru, after the fact? It’s random and everybody has a chance! Congratulations to this retired couple! Very happy for them!

  6. Paul Leonard says:

    at first funny because it was completly unexpected,but became a happy wonderful moment. Good Luck Paul

  7. Congratulations Dwayne Dixon. Win. www today. 2:00 AM

  8. javonda peay says:

    very shocked NC won a prize.

  9. diana rakes says:

    There is no such word as I can’t do. You have nothing to loose if you don’t try. just go for it. Like they say ;”somebody has got to win… so why not you.”

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