PCH $1 Million SuperPrize Winner Glenda Dancy and Prize Patrol

One Million Dollar winner Glenda Dancy!

19 thoughts on “PCH $1 Million SuperPrize Winner Glenda Dancy and Prize Patrol”

  1. susan beere says:

    Money is just a medium of exchange – Let’s see – I’d pay off our home. Fix the windows – maybe get new ones and a new back door. Put in a doggie run. Give
    parts to family and close friends. Put the rest in an account for charities. Birds, a
    native american museum, dogs and cats, we have a long list!! Make the world a
    more beautiful place. Take a few trips. Hire people who need money too. Take a
    retreat or two – make our organic garden bigger next year – maybe put in another
    hoop house or green house.

  2. Anaskkhouse says:

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  3. tammy foore says:

    i want to win a million too.

  4. Jerome Kass says:

    I like this post, but I’d like it better if it bore my name.

  5. Thank you for your support for needy kids

  6. Joan Zoldoske says:

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  7. Chihsing Fan says:

    Every time I don’t know what to search.

  8. aWell done!dd your comment here

  9. Karl Dowd says:

    I need this $ 1 MILLION Please

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