Gilbert Serf Jr

Gilbert Serf Jr., $10,000 winner!

6 thoughts on “Gilbert Serf Jr”

  1. gilbertkirby says:

    I have try to win I can not I do not why gilbertkirby thank

  2. Cliffort V says:

    Congratulations to you Mr. Serf I am happy for you that you are the $10,000.00 winner!! your time & bless is now. I’m waiting for my blessing too. May God continue blessing you with more..

  3. gilbertkirby says:

    i can not win i am gald some can win thank you gilbertkirby

  4. i am gald he heis a Wein to i try i can not be Win thabk i keep trying
    you gikbertkirby

  5. Erika Leigh Gallegos says:

    Congradulations Mr. Surf Jr…God Bless you and your family!!!!


    Congradulations!!! Serf. Family!!!

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