PCH Blog Prize Winners

PCH Blog Prize Winners

9 thoughts on “PCH Blog Prize Winners”

  1. Baarent says:

    Congratulations Baarent you did !
    You are very lucky winner
    Prize Patrol to show up at his door
    Smile Smile Smile some more
    Knock Knock we are here !

  2. Congrats to all the winners and ill keep searching to win.

  3. Debra Jones says:

    Congrats to they blog winners!

  4. JoyceBoudreaux says:

    I just wnt to say congratulations to everyone who has won and I hope I will get a chance to feel what they are feeling I really want one of those t-shirts and a chance to meet The Prize Parol I’m praying that I win but its just a lot going on in my life but But thanks to PCH I’m hanging in there because I know that’s what my mom would want I just want to say thanks for letting me share

  5. Tammy Estell says:

    I Like This Post And I’ll Share It. Congratulations to our Blog Winners! Holly M., Jaquelyn S., Jessica H.


      Hi I’m jacquelyn S from VA , and I have never won anything in my whole life. Thank you pch so much for the opportunity and congratulations to all the other winners.

      1. Ive never won anything either so good luck.They say good things come to those that are patient and wait again good luck.

  6. Tammy Estell says:

    I Like This Post And I’ll Share It.

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