How to report a Publishers Clearing House Scam Step 1

How to report a Publishers Clearing House Scam Step 1

86 thoughts on “How to report a Publishers Clearing House Scam Step 1”

  1. Emily Bryan says:

    I received a call from 1-876-891-1916 from a man with broken English stating he was from the Publishers-Cearing House. I told him I did not take unauthorized calls on my cell phone and to put my number on the “Do not call list”. He said “I would like to sock you in the face. I would like to sock white ladies in the face”.

  2. myra berry says:

    My moms being scammed but she think I’m lying n she really going 2win no matter he much I talk 2her n gt proof she still went listen I’m at the point I’m given up on her if she gt n trouble I CNT help her gt out

  3. I was messaged on facebook and had quite a conversation. All I had to do was send them 367.00 to get the money. Not doing it and I hope no one else falls this crap. I wish I knew how to contact the FBI on this. They are scamming alot of gullible folks out there.

  4. rich Cappy says:

    This same guy from the letters above I read but changes his tel# each time I see” How ever he stayed on the phone and promised a new Mercedies and 3.5 milliion and we needed to get a paypal green dot and deposit $500. and the truck was stopped 1/2 way to our home and cannot deliver the car until the credit card was confirmed” This guy sounded real” I told him PCH don’t want money for money” he had a answer for everything” He wanted another $500 A.S.A.P which we did not give but unfortunity he got the 500 before we returned home” His number at this scam time was 875-486-3952 We were scamed for the 500 but will learn and never again no matter who or what” they will have to give money first and B.S. later. another addition to the claim” he quoted that Donald Trump was going to on the phone to congrad. us on the winnings?”!

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