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  1. Just received a scamer on Facebook a few minutes ago. Asking for my phone number and they got piss started swearing at me when I did not give them my phone number. This is not the first time the wanted money the last time.

  2. I just received a Facebook Friend request from Publisher Clearing House sweepstakes $1.7 million & $5,000 bonus a week for life.

    He wants me to keep this confidential AND pay a government approval stamp BEFORE I receive money

  3. Is this a Scam ? This Person Claims to be Manager of PCH I Received a Instagram message a Person who Claims to be Danille Lam said for me to Text
    Mark Handison at (518)966-9052 says I won $5.5 Million and $5k a week for Life plus a Mercedes

    1. I Received the same thing but on my instagram. I texted the number they gave me and he was blowing up my phone and once I said he was a scam artist anxiety turning him in, it went dead silent.