How to report a Publishers Clearing House Scam Step 1

How to report a Publishers Clearing House Scam Step 1

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  1. Michael Pickard says:

    I just got off the phone with Michael Nanley at18765460310 and he said I won $850000.00 and a 2014 Mercedes benz. I called to verify at 18767819972 and talked to John Jefferson of the IRS in Washington DC office and he wants me to buy two stamps 1 at $499.00 and I never got to the second stamp. I was to purchase these through green dot money pack cards. I asked him to send a picture of his IRS id card to my I phone and I haven’t heard back from him. I wish it were true.

  2. Angela says:

    I received an email saying I have won a million dollars from PCH. A courtier will deliver for a fee of 480.00. It is signed Dave Sayer. Is this a scam?

    1. PCH Staff PCH Staff says:

      That is a scammer Angela! The real PCH never notifies winners in advance. The only way you’d know you won is if the Prize Patrol were at your door! Please report this to

  3. susie a. says:

    I got scammed today and almost fell for it. I posted a comment on an official PCH Facebook post and was immediately sent a friend request and pm from “Danielle Lam”. “She” stated that I won, asked a few questions to verify my info and said a “Mr. Todd” would contact me via phone with more info. “Mr. Todd” (with a crazy foreign accent btw) requested that in order to collect my prize that I URGENTLY send almost $500 via Western Union. Once that was done, I would receive a receipt, and to show that to the “Prize Patrol” when they arrive at my door in a couple of hours. So, he gave me a name and address(which was again foreign – Jamaica to be exact). Anyway, Western Union didn’t seem to recognize this address and I def don’t have that kind of “cash” money, so they couldn’t process the form. Then he suggested that I go to a CVS and get some kind of green.card thing. He wanted me to load it up with whatever cash I had, then give him the scratch code. I realized this wasn’t legit after he asked for money and to send it to Jamaica. I know the REAL PCH would NOT do this. So even tho I may have been trolled by an awful loser for a bit, I feel like in the end I did win because the scammers didn’t get my money.

  4. Sandra Faint says:

    We received a call from
    1-876-321 6657

    We were told they were from Publishers Clearing House and we had won a new car and $955,000.00.

    They requested we purchase a green dot pay pal card and give them the number.

  5. David Suter says:

    Just this morning received a call from some guy with an accent (876 408 7963) Told me I was a pch winner from an entry a long time ago. He did not ask for information but gave me another number to call 876-870-3937 and ask for Albert Johnson. I googled pch scams and found out right away that pch does not contact winners by phone. This made it easy to dismiss, as most things that sound too good to be true usually are. Perhaps the phone numbers can be tracked some way? If not, this post will simply remind others that PCH does not contact winners by phone….ever.

  6. Larry Wilkinson says:

    I recieved a letter from PCH saying I won a very large amount of money and asking me to call Peter James at 877-294-8731. I Googled the number and got this site. I assume this is a scam. Right??

  7. PCH Staff PCH Staff says:

    Hello Hannah – This is a scammer pretending to be PCH. Do not give this scammer any of your personal information or money! Please report this to

  8. Lynn Davids says:

    I received a notice of winning that I believe is a fraud. The phone # is 587-710-0190 which is registered to Data & Visual Enterprised in Emonton AB. The check enclosed is from Willowbrook Farms in Buffalo, NY. None of this makes sense or ties into Publishers Clearing house in any way I can find.

  9. Mary Sykes says:

    Call from Michael Anderson who says he is the general manager of PCH. I ran the reverse lookup number and found it is coming from an island in the Caribbean. I have had one of these before. BEWARE

  10. Debbie finch says:

    Hi just got mail after 1 month of none because of mail boxes a letter dated may 6/2014 to call me victor Webster at 1-905-922-4588 is this for real i never entry in any pch please let me know if really won or not thanks

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