How to report a Publishers Clearing House Scam Step 1

How to report a Publishers Clearing House Scam Step 1

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  1. Tod Sloan, did you know you have an accent from India?
    I was just contacted by email suposidly you, told that I won $3.000,000 (3 million dollar s ) but I have to go to Western Union and send you $205.05 dollar’s and somehow give you proof of my receipt. Luckily I am an inteligent woman and refused to do it without proof that I have won this.

  2. Rex Oates says:

    Someone tried to scam me today. He called and said I won $350,000 and asked the usual stuff scammers ask, had me call some bogus prize claim number, and then he told me the big giveaway, that I won and that 99% of the taxes were taken care of but I had to pay the 1% up front. I told him not to call back. The call showed to be from Jamacia (876) 455-8723

  3. hello pch and junior claRKE TRY TO SCAM ME AND SAY I WON 2,500,000.0 AND I NEED TO PAY A 240.00 FEE BEFORE IT WOULD GET DELIVER

  4. Steven harrington says:

    Steven ray yeah I had a guy contact me and he said I had won the Publishers Clearing House he came up with some photos with the check with my name on it and that chick holding it and he told me that I had one and I need to give him $400 to do taxes and then he called me back and said I need to give him 200 for something about the car and I gave him the money and he led me on for like 3 days and if I told him to stop but I have his phone number so if you contact me I’ll give you his number and he keeps trying to call me and say I owe money to taxes on the money that I’m supposedly winning he told me I want 3.5 million + 10 grand a week plus a brand new Mercedes something something so I got scammed so now I’m trying to tell you guys what happened to me so you could look into it and bust him in his ass maybe put him in jail you know so I left my email at the top and I’d appreciate it to you get back to me let me know what’s up with that thank you

  5. D says:

    Publisher clearing house.

    Called from 650-276-3689. Gave number 1866_996_5997 to call back on to claim my 1.2 MILLIONS dollar prize.
    Gave me a claim.number and sai he was from PCH and other companies that are doing this giveaway.
    I asked how dod you get my number. Mr.Raymond Young replied that I filled out a form at Walmart, Kmart. (Never did that)

    He even gave me his desk number below to call him back.
    So can everyone please call him for me and make him really unhappy.


    Raymond young

  6. george glidewell says:

    10/15/15-Claims Manager-Roy Johnson Tele 1-613-712-0177 to claim 2nd place in 100Million Super Cash Giveaway Promotion sponsored Readers Digest ,Mega Millions and Multi-State Lottery Association. 2nd place worth2.5 Million Dollars. Security code is PCH/K22/C05. A check for $8,616.20 drawn on Mizuho Corporate Bank, Ltd. was included with notice. Noticed was post marked in
    22 Oct 2015 PN2 L. signed by Peter Brown, Chief Financial Officer.

    This is the second such notice I have received in the last month. I reported the first one to Publishers Clearing House on their fraud website and I am waiting to hear back from
    someone from the first time I received a notice of winning 2nd place for 2.5Million.


    1. PCH Staff PCH Staff says:

      That was not the real PCH who contacted you; it was a scammer. Please report all scam contacts to PCH via this link: Thank you!!

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