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  1. I just received message that Dave Sawyer says I won $5,000 a week for life and new Mercedes does he run around with Daniel in which also keeps contacting me

    1. Hello Frank,
      That is not the real PCH contacting you; it’s a scammer that’s only pretending to be from PCH. Please do not give the scammer any personal info including bank account information, and definitely do not send them any money if they ask. If you haven’t already done so, please report that scam contact to us via the following link: http://bit.ly/Report-Scam-To-PCH I encourage you to read these Safety Tips too: http://bit.ly/PCH-Safety-Tips

  2. Just got a call from a James anderson from jamaica number 876-854-9725 claiming to be from The Publishers Clearinghouse saying I had won 3.5 million dollars plus a new Cadillace from Geico….Gave me a bunch of winning numbers to write down, but I hung up whenhe asked me to start repeating back his name etc…

    1. Hi Wendy. I am really happy that you knew that it was not the real PCH who contacted you! We never notify major winners over the phone or through standard mail, email or Facebook. We would really appreciate if you would send us the details of this scam call you received. PCH does not send private Facebook messages to our fans so please complete a Scam Incident Report. Here’s how: http://bit.ly/Report-Scam-To-PCH. There are a lot of scammers out there who use the good name and reputation of PCH, as well as the names of those of us on the Prize Patrol. Please be careful everyone!!

  3. Don’t answer to the number 876-784-1498 they called me at eleven o clock at night and said that there was a package waiting for me in California that has two checks in it one for 751,000 and one for 2,500 plus a Walmart card for 5,000 they gave out the name of Sam Clark and said that they are a FBI agent !