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  1. Received this call from a David Washington
    also, just as other people have commented. Started asking him a lot of questions and he eventually hung up. How are these scammers getting our phone number in the first place?

  2. Just received a spam call 18 April 2017. John Daye was the caller. David Sawyers was the “lawyer’. Other names cited were Mrs Mary Miller, Linda Allen, Patricia Jacobs and John Kingston. San Antonio TX.

  3. Received a call from jim kingston that I won 2.8 million and a car delivery 04/13/17 after 3pm check us suppose to be from Bank of America

  4. Claim agent david Johnson…phone # 973-388-7112.said I won 1,000,000,but to call him and to keep letter confidential until claim is processed and money is remitted into my account…signed by a MR.MIKE FREEMAN..{marketing manager PCH} … I believe this is a a scam…please advise me what I should do.

  5. On 3-19-2017 into today 3-20-2017 . I did get a friend request last night from a man named (Mike James ) . I no thisn Is another scam contact this makes this my 102 scam contact from some one claiming to be representives of Publishers Clearing House. The real Publishers Clearing House never sends friend requests to any one . I sent him this message on 2-19-2017( I am Jonathon hudelson and why do you want to be friends with me?) And a while later in the same day he sent me this message ( Because you were randomly chosen for the PCH $1,000,000 prize. ) And I said this to him ( That sounds like good news and who are you exactly? )And do you have a Publishers Clearing House employee identification card so that I can see that you do work for Publishers Clearing House. I am handy cap and confined to my wheel chair but I’m not an idiot . I no everything about sweepstakes and I no that winning any sweepstakes is always free however I do order from PCH all the time. And then he sent me this message ( Yes i have my id) I said well no don’t seen it. He sent me this identification card as I’ve copied it here and i said That looks pretty authentic . So what done have to do to claim my prize what you say that I have won ? I see it on the news that I will jsut see you when you bring me what you say that I have won on April 28 just after my birthday ?He didn’t respond to me so I did ask me is Hello . Now how are you doing . I am waiting for what you say that I have won. He did try to call me through messager. I never answer these phones calls because I make sure that I see the phone numbers . I he did tell me that I have to send 200 dollars t ok a woman in Jamaica . I bad the name. He told me that I have t ok send this $200 dollars by noon and he only gave me a name of this woman and he didn’t give me any phone numbers or addresses so that I can report this to this he real Publishers Clearing House at there toll free number and this number is. 1-800-645-9242. I also did send his 49 friends a message like this so that I can put this he his scammer out of buisness. And after he blocked me I was not able to see any more of his messages . I told him it’s required that I need a physical address and phone numbers of this woman I was told to send my 200 dollars to in Jamaica. At least I was able to get his identification and I will also be forwarding this to the real Publishers Clearing House http://www.abuse PCH Publishers Clearing House

  6. I received a email on Feb 23 saying, we have our winner, yes it’s really happening, we can finally confirm..Freddie, $5000.00 A week Forever ” will Be Awarded tomorrow. While we never tell out winners in advance that we’re coming, we thought folks who have shown they want to win..someone like you…might be interested in a few things…#1 the timing….before noon typically. Winner not home we will find them! #2 the winning moment..when the winner opens the front door, the First thing we do is ask them to step outside. Makes for better camera lighting….never need to fuss about what to wear, love smiling faces. Winners will get to chose between forever prize options or cash all at once.FREDDIE, WE’RE SO EXCITED ABOUT PRIZE DAY AND KNOW YOU MUST BE TOO….From: Publisher Clearing House(PublishersClearingHouse@e.superprize.pct.com

  7. I got a call from “John Blake” at 817) 203-8079, to inform me I won a new car from Publishers Clearance House. My win package number is 330812us. I am supposed to call manager Mark Anderson at 1-876-849-4619, ext 5.