How to report a Publishers Clearing House Scam Step 3

How to report a Publishers Clearing House Scam Step 3

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  1. Carol Dutchover says:

    I was told to call Peter Ross at 18768933198 x5.

  2. crystal says:

    876-278-9325 This number called my brother-n-law clamming he had won $15,000….Then told him to gather his information & call David Green back. So, I looked up the number on spy dialer & it said it was a Kingston area code. My brother-n-law then handed me the phone. I asked “is this a scam?” the man (speaking in an Arabic accent) replied “Why would you say that?” I then said “you didn’t answer my question.” He said “Oh, no this is no scam.” I asked “How do I know it’s not a scam?” He replied the same as before. I then asked him where he was calling from & he said “Queens, New York.” I bluntly told him that my computer shows your in Kingston….Then his accent changed to normal English as he again said he was in queens, new York again. So I said ” Wow, now your accent changed?” He said “uh” and hung up! I can’t believe this people think they can scam people…Although, unfortunately, some innocent people get coned into these types of things.

  3. antsytbp says:

    Call from “David Washington” – love how they try to sound “American”. America doesn’t have a sound!
    Number 876/422-2190.
    If they call question them until they go nuts. If it’s easy, they will keep doing it. Tell them the FCC and FTC are after them and will throw them in jail SOON.

  4. Hi I just wanted to report a what I think is a scam. I got a call from a Robert James, he said I had randomly been chosen and won $145,000 and a new Mercedez Bens. Here is his number (876) 391-8398 (Jamaica). He said that in order for me to receive my prize I would need to send $299.33 and to purchase a mailing order from Wal-Mart or purchase a gift card from CVS. Of course I knew it was a scam so I started to question him on everything and I knew he was getting nervous and frustrated with all the questions. I hated to question his accent and I am not a racist but his voice did not like a Robert James. He sounded Jamaican. I guess he didnt like me judging him or questioning his accent and name. O well lol.

  5. a John Brown scam me for$200.00 8765081543 keep calling right now and a Hay Welson scam me for $400.00

  6. robert wren says:

    Got a call from David Green. from PCH saying I won 2.5 mil & a dodge caravan. Needed to pay a $1,000 insurance fee to receive the money gave the old 876-849-8000 xt 101 phone #. When confronted with the scam he cussed me out. I hope they catch this scum bag.

  7. Shawn says:

    also got a call – said he was the delivery driver and would be at my house in 45 mins..asked if i was home and then told me to call David Green @ 1-876-849-8000 ext 101……started to call and Verizon warned me it was international

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