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  1. A scammer contacted me ( 876-431-8211) with the news that I had won 750,000 from Publishers Clearing House and he was from John McKay, of Homeland Security, badge # 6931 hired by PCH to make sure I was who I said I was; asking all kinds of questions. Then telling me I would be transferred to a PCH General manager, James Johnson. James Johnson said I had to pay the taxes up-front before they could issue a check. I could tell John McKay and James Johnson were the same man. Hung up.

  2. I got a call from David Johnson too with the whole BS scam from phone # 1-876-397-9224.If I need to call and ask more questions he is available.

  3. My grandmother lives in oklahoma and some guy claiming to be james walker told her he was from pch and told he she has to give him 200 dollars to release the check and also wanted to know who her policy holder is he told he a sacurity gard named linda allen woul walk her to the bank