How to report a Publishers Clearing House Scam Step 3

How to report a Publishers Clearing House Scam Step 3

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  1. Hi I just wanted to report a what I think is a scam. I got a call from a Robert James, he said I had randomly been chosen and won $145,000 and a new Mercedez Bens. Here is his number (876) 391-8398 (Jamaica). He said that in order for me to receive my prize I would need to send $299.33 and to purchase a mailing order from Wal-Mart or purchase a gift card from CVS. Of course I knew it was a scam so I started to question him on everything and I knew he was getting nervous and frustrated with all the questions. I hated to question his accent and I am not a racist but his voice did not like a Robert James. He sounded Jamaican. I guess he didnt like me judging him or questioning his accent and name. O well lol.

  2. a John Brown scam me for$200.00 8765081543 keep calling right now and a Hay Welson scam me for $400.00

  3. Shawn says:

    also got a call – said he was the delivery driver and would be at my house in 45 mins..asked if i was home and then told me to call David Green @ 1-876-849-8000 ext 101……started to call and Verizon warned me it was international

  4. Randy Uecker says:

    I’ve just been contacted by Publisher’s Clearing House & was told I won $10.8m and a 2013 Toyota Tundra!
    They also mentioned the “Green Dot Money Pack” Paper Card … HUGE tip-off that it IS A SCAM!!!!

    The phone numbers that contacted me are:
    A: 1-876-806-6542
    B: 1-876-543-4004

  5. Christa says:

    Got a friend request add from Dave Sayer At PCH. I did not mean to add him right away but I did, then saw he had only 6 friends and had just created this page, immediately removed him but he messaged me asking how I was doing, making small talk with me basically and then sent me a “badge” picture. I find it funny that I just liked the official PCH page today on facebook, whoever your scammers are must be trolling your official page!!

    I am certainly not falling for any scam!!

  6. Anthony says:

    Just a tip. Don’t call back. The phone number is one that charges you to call… It did it to me….

  7. mandy says:

    So I got a call and a facebook message today from a 517# and someone claiming to be danielle… I knew I was a scam but they knew my address and phone #… should I be worried they have my home address?

  8. terry haus says:

    Received a call today from 609_542_0568 they said they were from pc and call would be recorded he asked if I had a master or visa card I said I don’t use any then he asked if I use a debit cars I said I only use cash then he hung up

    1. PCH Staff PCH Staff says:


      That was definitely a scam. Please report it to

  9. Leslie Nishihara says:


    1. Scott Bloomfield says:

      Got a call today from David Moore from PCH saying to call David Green back at PCH 876-849-8000. I called back and told him I knew it was a scam. He cussed like a sailor.

      1. Mandy says:

        We got a call from the same 876-849-8000 number asking to contact a Mr .Green as well. Knew it to be a scam my husband called back because he’s like that and our cell phone company warned it was an international number. Definitely a scam!

  10. Renee Dawson says:

    Here’s a scammer’s phone number who called minutes ago. I answered in my sleep, but hung up, of course.


    1. PCH Staff PCH Staff says:

      Hello Renee – Nice catch with that scammer! Please report this to Thank you for all your help!

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