Got A Post Card? Here’s What To Do!

Did you receive a Publishers Clearing House Post Card with the URL Here’s everything you need to know.

I don’t know about you, but I just love getting mail. It’s one of the things I look forward to most when I get home from work. There’s just something that really excites me about going through that big pile and finding a special piece of mail.

And speaking of finding something special in the mail… Publishers Clearing House Post Cards with a URL have been sent out and are due to hit mailboxes TOMORROW! And let me tell you…they could be like no other post card you’ve ever received before! Here’s why…

These special post cards give you the opportunity to enter for the “Fast 50” PCH Sweepstakes, where not 1… not 2…not even 20…but an INCREDIBLE 50 PEOPLE WILL WIN FAST CASH PRIZES. WOW!

And guess what? Some of YOU may even be receiving these “act now” post cards! So be sure to keep your eyes out and watch your mailboxes in the next few days.

Here’s a special sneak peek at what the “act now” post cards look like:

Here’s the front! Post Card

And here’s the back. As you’ll see, the post card is white with red and black type that prominently features the URL now Post Card Back

So now that you know what these Publishers Clearing House post cards are about and what they look like, the most important question left is: what should you do if you receive one? Watch my video below — I’ll walk you through it!

Like I said in my video, here’s all you need to do:

1)      Type into your web browser (or just click on the link in this blog).

2)      Once you get to the website, enter your activation code into the white box that says “enter code here”. You’ll find your activation code on the bottom right corner of your post card. See below! Do not add any spaces when entering your code.

Activation Code - Act Now

3) When the page refreshes, fill out your registration information and click Continue!

But be sure to ACT FAST – this is a LIMITED TIME opportunity!

I think I’ve about covered it all folks. Remember to keep your eyes out for these “act now” post cards (they’re due to hit mailboxes today!) And if you have ANY other questions, comment below and let me know! We’ll be happy to help!

Amanda C., PCH Creative

Amanda C.

PCH Creative

P.S. If you don’t get a post card from Publishers Clearing House, don’t worry! There are still TONS of other ways to enter the PCH Sweepstakes! For starters, you can head over to and enter to win! You can also check out PCHSearch&Win where you could win instant prizes just for searching!

Added January 12, 2016
P.P.S. This blog was written a few months ago. If you get a postcard now, it may look different than what is shown in this blog. Not to worry – your postcard still offer you the same great opportunity to win!

854 thoughts on “Got A Post Card? Here’s What To Do!”

  1. I had no problem entering my code and got 9,000 points to boot.

  2. Thomas Burkett says:


  3. Colleen Howe says:

    I tried several different links and help to enter my code. It simply doesn’t work! I have a feeling that I’m getting bamboozled! More thieves trying to scam people. PCH should be much more aware of false advertisements, using the PCH name, and post them on your site. What a disappointment, again!

  4. MARLEAH says:

    I received my post card but the number is rubbed out. Looks like some one stepped on it in the snow Can not read number.Please respond

  5. j says:

    How, do I get a post card with a code number, I don’t have one. Please send me one!!!

    1. How, do I get a Post card with a code number on it. I don’t one So Please send me one Please. I would like to win big, so I can get out of noisy Apts. They can get very noisy late at nights, or in the middle of thde night. Please send me a post card with a code number, Thank You Jimmie Sherrill`

  6. Dorothy D. Robinson says:

    I cannot put in my code. I have been to several of your web sights and I click
    and it will not take my code number. What is the problem?? Please answer

  7. Hate To Say It… WHAT A LOAD OF CRAP!!
    The Truths & Untruths I Have Discovered are disheartening – This Activation Myth is just another part of the puzzle not worth causing oneself tension & Misery!!

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