www.Pch.com/actnow Post Card

www.Pch.com/actnow Post Card

201 thoughts on “www.Pch.com/actnow Post Card”

  1. I didn’t find the sign in-up page .

  2. violet gray says:

    I cannot entry my activation code

  3. Ruby Torregano says:

    couldn’t enter my activation code

  4. Yaja Boren says:

    my name is Yaja Boren
    I received the post card the girl on u tub came on, said she was going to tell me what to do, but didn’t continue. please please tell me what to do?

    1. I, Margo Grisson, has also RECIEVED the same problem. How can you enter code if your not being helped with doing so? Would love if you can help with this problem. Have been a part of pch. For awhile&’now really starting to havebdoubtsvaboutnthis being real or fake!!!

    2. Yaa Boren, I’m continueing having problems with entering the activation code. It’s becoming really frustrating. Yomthe point wherebi’m starting to feel it’s a fake!!!

  5. Carol Guizzotti says:

    My activation code is NOT readable! I received my W71 postcard and the ink is smeared. All I can see is:PC (big black smear) 5. How do you expect me to enter??? There is no way of knowing what the missing digits are.

    Carol G.

  6. Kim Easley says:

    I have all the right information what is wrong., I don’t understand.

  7. 3340 massachusetts ave kenner LA 70065 says:

    having problem for activAYION

  8. Paul Partriddge says:

    It won’t let me enter the code

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