www.Pch.com/actnow Post Card

www.Pch.com/actnow Post Card

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  1. Janet Murdock says:

    I’ve never won and I continue to keep my hope up because I feel very strongly that this is my season as I continue to say. I have never received any PINK or any color post cards so I’m hoping not and trying not to assume this doesn’t mean I don’t have a chance or winning. I want to win badly and hopefully you will activate the code for me to have that number since you’ve never sent one to me. I continue to search and still have not been successful in finding the PINK CARD. I can only keep praying that something good will come my way and I hope that good is the PRIZE PATROL coming to my home in Kannapolis, NC. Thank you.

  2. my father has a post card form publishers clearing house and he can not confirm his number.

  3. Susan Smith says:

    I have entered MANY times and have yet to win anything. Where do I input the code?

  4. donna says:

    Where do I input the code? I have entered Publishers clearing house countless times and won nothing. I hope this is on the up and up.

  5. Joyce G. Ellis says:

    I hope this is on the up and up.

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