www.Pch.com/act now Post Card Back

www.Pch.com/act now Post Card Back

914 thoughts on “www.Pch.com/act now Post Card Back”

  1. Glenn Dingler says:

    I have received an activation code PC288

  2. ELITT says:

    I have a PC288 ACTIVATION GO.

  3. JUDY Huebner says:

    Bad info not enough information when you go on further into it. Poor job JUST GIVE ME THE MONEY AND DO AWAY WITH THE OTHER JUNK. NOT FUN AT ALL….

  4. zannythomas says:

    I re
    ceived the activation card and it is so smeared i cannot make out all the numbers but i will do the best i can.

  5. I have an Activation Code of PC288

  6. Stella says:

    I obtained a number but do not know how to find out if I have won anything. DON’T KNOW WHAT TO DO TO FIND OUT IF I WON A PRIZE my No. is 79 2957 8271 34.
    The PCH website has a lot of links broken and it is not fair to us to get all kinds of false TV ads encouraging people to go into site to qualify to enter a prize drawing and then nothing, The only thing that works on the site is ads for people to buy stuff!!!!!!!

  7. mary patterson says:

    I have a different code where do I go sw292

  8. Thomas Ponik says I have recived an activation code:pc290. Where do I enter it?

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