www.Pch.com/act now Post Card Back

www.Pch.com/act now Post Card Back

481 thoughts on “www.Pch.com/act now Post Card Back”

  1. Russell Foroe says:

    Russ Foroe activation code pc238 could not get into activate.

  2. Filomena Arocho
    Am sharing the same feelings as other members: Why is it that my activation code pc237 is the same as Veronica Hughes, Paul Morreale and Vincenzo Caturano? And perhaps thousands of other members. So if pc237 activates the winning number who in this earth you will named the winner? Can you explain this to me?

  3. Mary Beardsley says:

    you misspelled my first name. It is MARY not AMRY activation code is pc238 How. come my activation code is the same as Mike Ewing?

  4. Jean Platt says:

    Same as entered in Older Comments. Bah Humbug!

  5. Jean Platt says:

    Your instructions are as clear as mud…..could get NO HELP at all even to use my activation code. Bah Humbug!!!!!

  6. Mike Ewing says:

    Would not allow me to enter my activation code which isPC238! So what happens now do I lose because you have a faulty site?

  7. would not let me enter my information

  8. paul morreale says:

    my pc237..can’t do it..

  9. impossible to enter my activation code pc237,dec.9/14

  10. tommahoney says:

    would not accept my code pc251

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