www.Pch.com/act now Post Card Back

www.Pch.com/act now Post Card Back

309 thoughts on “www.Pch.com/act now Post Card Back”

  1. I had the same problem, with the site not allowing me to put in my activation code. My code is PC212.

  2. phil clancy says:

    could not enter the activation codepc221

  3. PC222 says:

    Hope to win. PC222

    1. Karen Lanham says:

      My PC222 is now being sent to you. Please advise to next step.

  4. Nancy L Rudy says:

    Could not enter my state

  5. nancy goerlich says:

    no place to put my actvation code pc221

  6. paulette mcintyre says:

    could not enter my actvation code pc222

  7. kevin laflammee says:

    Kevin laflamme tryed toput my ativation code in but lt wouldn’t let me do so my code is sw223

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