Activation Code – Act Now

Activation Code - Act Now

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  1. Richard boyle says:

    Also same problem. activation codepc219

  2. Myron Lucker says:

    My activation code is PC220

  3. My code is sw326 / id 02149291946

  4. My activation code is 07901 confirmed

  5. Travis wharton says:

    Hey PCH clearinghouse since I didn’t get in postcard in the mail what would be my activation code. If you can email me with it I can put it in it keeps asking for it. I would love to enter it if I knew what it was thank you for all y’all’s Hardwork and I’m ready to win it all even if it is a little bit or a bunch I’m in it to win it thank you

  6. Bert Stamper says:

    I’m waiting for an entry number. I don’t know what to enter in the search box.

  7. Dear PCH,
    I would like to Activate my code, and entry to win the superprize Prize of $25,000.00 a week for life, I am a disable vet, in a wheel chair, and I Pray that I win, so I can Pay off my bills, and help my family and donate to St. judes Children Hosptial, for I am not sure how much Longer I will be alive but just once I would Like to win.

    1. PCH Staff PCH Staff says:

      Hello Leonard, commenting on the blog will not secure your entry into any of our giveaways. Make sure you claim your entries via the online opportunities they were offered through. With PCH, there are multiple ways you can enter each day into any number of giveaways. For your chance to become a lucky winner, keep entering and don’t give up. To see all of your options for submitting an entry, click here: Good luck to you and all who enter!! 🙂

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