Activation Code – Act Now

Activation Code - Act Now

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  1. Please activate my entry. activation code pc212

    1. Miss. GG says:

      Hi PCH I have not uncover my golden ticket giveaway 3816? where can I find the PCH golden ticket to activate it now… Also please activate giveaway 3080 giveaway 3046 I’ve looked everywhere and haven’t found a way to activate it.. please help I really really really want to win

  2. Deborah Tolbert says:

    Activation code for prize 25,000.00 entry I was given eligibility confirmation please double confirm. Thank you continue in Jesus to be Bless

  3. Yazlyn B says:

    Please let me know what other steps do I have to do to win! I really want this badly ! Please I want to be the winner $5,000,000 forever prize !! This can help to change my life so much .

  4. adrene young says:

    elvis persley is the frontpage 4554 enterter in 1981/404

  5. Miss. GG says:

    Hi Pch please activate my Forever prize entry immediately for gwy 3080, $5000 forever prize number. please activate my Forever prize entry number now. if im not activate it today I cant win if I’m not activate it

  6. Devota John says:

    Ms. Devota John

    July 31, 2014

    I confirm receiving an activation code SW223 and ID # 01899932485

    Please activate my entry.
    I wish to be the winner of 1Million a year for life. :-)

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