Activation Code – Act Now

Activation Code - Act Now

11,647 thoughts on “Activation Code – Act Now”

  1. phyllis butler says:

    my activation code is pc735

    how do more then one person have the same code

  2. lois gatto says:

    my activation code is PC735

  3. Janet Harshman says:

    MyActivation Code: PC735
    Have a good day!

  4. Dona Ingram says:

    My Activation Code #PC846. May GOD Be the Glory.

  5. JAMESTROILO says:

    I frist pay off all my Bills,then go food shoping.And ownly have Cereal in the morning.And help other,I no everyday how it feel,to make end meet.

  6. Cathy Roach says:

    I hope to win. Smile.

  7. Cathy Roach says:

    Here is my activation code and it is SW429. This is my true final winner selection list (SW429). All timely entries are on this list in the last in a series of drawings for Giveaway No. 1830. This is Final Winner Selection List is the Official Publishers Clearing House record of entries that are eligible to win.

  8. Michael Boyd says:

    Have entered numerous PCH sweepstakes. Never won before but enjoy trying. Gifts bought have been very nice and I have used all of them.

  9. Ronda Beecher says:

    I wish I could order more but right now I have no money

  10. Don Kauffman says:

    Don My activation number is pc 988 Thank You Don

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