Activation Code – Act Now

Activation Code - Act Now

11,641 thoughts on “Activation Code – Act Now”

  1. Margarita H Loeffler says:

    After years and years of entering PCH, I hope this time I win something


  2. Mary Gill says:

    Mary Gill>…

    Sept.212013 @ 6:30 AM



  3. howard scheidemantle says:

    Good if I win,can use some extra cash .

  4. Joyce Nash says:

    My activation code is PC735. Sure could use some cash plus it would be so exciting

  5. Penny Gardner says:

    I hope and pray I can win because I have a lot of bills and I am the only one working my activation code is PC735 thanks and god bless.

  6. Renate Cooper says:

    Looks like we all have the same code pc846

  7. At this time it’s difficult to comment on the message, which tends to be somewhat unnerving, in the first part of the card.

    As for the second (final) section which is positive as it relates to the possibility of being a winner, that’s so encouraging to all of us who are engaged in this game.

    My activation code is PC735. Thank you for this opportunity. Sharon Gordon August 20. 2013 beginning at 1:32 p.m. and finishing at 7:37 p.m.

  8. tod a grabert says:

    activation code pc735

  9. Sherry harris says:

    W71 code activation code PCH 735 do I win anything

  10. melicia nipper says:

    a w71 notice

    activation code is pc846 ..for melicia nipper

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