Activation Code – Act Now

Activation Code - Act Now

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  1. willetta tascoe says:

    my code is pc538

  2. allen phillips says:

    activation code PC735

  3. I’m ready to win. Have been a
    loyal customer for a long time.

  4. Mona L. Thomas says:

    I wish all of you luck… But I will confesss I wish me a bit more. Have a wonderful day.
    I didn’t know where to put in activation code so here it is,
    PC735 Hope this does it.
    Thank you

    1. Mona L. Thomas says:

      This is Mona,
      I just wanted to ask the staff at PHC what is the reason so many of us have the same code numberd?
      I would guess it is really an area number then a name is picked randomly?
      A lot of people seem to be unhappy with the way the page for entering a code number is set up, it is not clear at all for most it seems.
      The only good so far for me is that I don’t feel so lame about not knowing either,well till I winn then I will feel super-Duper!!

  5. patricia Nelson says:

    due to W71 notice


  6. Ruth E Russell says:

    August 20 1213 Activation code code PC735

  7. Judy Samet says:

    The Activation Code for Judy Samet on your P.C.H. W71 Notice is PC735.

  8. Theodore Schmidt says:

    Is this another exercise – that does nothing but keep our attention-my code is PC846

  9. Alfred L. Pfaff says:

    activation code is pc735

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