PCH.com Tokens and Winners

PCH.com Tokens and Winners

397 thoughts on “PCH.com Tokens and Winners”

  1. nikia n cole says:

    More you play better chance of winning people should stop complaining dont give up i cant wait too win a major prize i love pch i won $500.00 from live and win cant wait too win more!

  2. nakia says:

    no fair everybody should just not even worry bout the tokens anymore these folks aint handing over no merchandise im spending tokens and getting more tokens and spending then again spent thousands and thousands and thousands of tokens and have not seen a thing havent won a thing …im done with the tokens total waste of time shame in you people a pch

    1. jay says:

      I’m starting to feel same way haven’t won a thing……plus I have almost one million tokens

    2. nikia n cole says:

      Dont give up!

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