PCH.com Tokens and Winners

PCH.com Tokens and Winners

514 thoughts on “PCH.com Tokens and Winners”

  1. gary gilbert says:

    i agree i have yet to win anything

  2. Patricia S. White=Moore says:

    I have entered and bought and used thousands of tokens and I SEE NO RESULTS ON WINNERS OF TOKENS???

    1. Theana says:

      I used over 1,000,000 tokens to redeem and never won anything! My computer freezes up constantly and I can no longer play games for over 5 months now! My PC’s tower runs extremely fast when on PCH.com and sounds like it is going to blow and is very hot! I even had my service provider come to my house numerous of times and they stated it is down loading too much info. and can cause a fire!!!! This happens even when I search and I have been a member VIP since 1/2016. Never won anything only my PC being HACKED INTO RECENTLY AND HAD TO PAY A SUBSTANTIAL AMOUNT OF MONEY TO GET IT RESTORED AND STILL NOT RUNNING WHILE ON PCH.COM!!! This money spent has left me fall behind on other bills!!!! I believe it is exposing other sites when you do a ‘SEARCH” AND GETTING TIRED OF IT!!!!! NOW I FEEL I AM GOING TO LOOSE MY PC/STILL RUNNING AT FULL SPEED RIGHT NOW!!!!

    2. Matt Levin says:

      Do you know anyone that’s won a prize with the tokens?

  3. PCH I’m here to claim my mission with this 3 day MAX Bonus Tokens Windfall

  4. the only people how win spend alot of money .over 22million tokens spent and nothing to show but a waste of time /im done aug 6 for good

  5. Loy evans says:

    I would like to enter for a chance at 3,000 tokens

  6. Patricia Dunn says:

    I keep playing because when I’m just about ready to give up something inside of me says hold out just a little bit longer . I can barley afford to keep my phone on but it’s worth the chance to win the life changing opportunity.💛🍀

  7. Gary Mosier says:

    Millions and millions of tokens over several months again and again for the same prize, and all I know is that each drawing ended.; feeling more like a scam to get you to watch ads and nothing more

  8. I want claim my entries for 3,500.00 cash prize awarded today

  9. Hello pch I want claim 3000 tokens and I want domy entry for 25,000.00 cash Giveaway 4749 plus I want to win all in june 30th Giveaway 6900 I want to win pch thanks

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