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  1. Look I never really believe that you get something for free that is the way I was raised and I got fired from my really good good I repair U.S.Navy Ships or use to but I got terminated for taking too much time to get over my mamas passing well today is the date of her birthday and she worked 37 years washing the sheets of hospitals and she just passed from DEMENTIA what horrible thing that is well I had to pretty much stop working and take care of her she I asked the state to help wow I was amazed of true hard workers got to jump through hoops but people who come to this great country get more than a true hard working American o we are Hispanic and my mom’s goal was to be American citizen and she made it but she should not had to have that much of a difficult time to get some help well all my money went to her care best money I ever spent is my mom RIP just don’t waste my time on something that I don’t really know if it’s legete

  2. Wendycorey would get tokens &prize how get how ? Explain ? Because my intnet off stuff use still wifi all want tolike$3.000 get tokens god or
    At us thankyou help ok am deaf ?😇☺