PCH.com Tokens and Winners

PCH.com Tokens and Winners

345 thoughts on “PCH.com Tokens and Winners”

  1. j michaels says:

    i play for tokens of pch when are the announcements on computer-this was for
    ending feb 28 2015

  2. Can our tokens be redeemed for cash?

  3. David Dart says:

    first time trying for this and i have a question, do the computer and mobile tokens add up for the winnings are they separate?

  4. stephanie says:

    I hve faith in God that everything will be fine… thanx PCH..

  5. Pch gives,me hope everyday! I search everyday I love the games I just absolutely love the pch!!!

  6. stephanie says:

    That’s my question to tracy.. pch please explain we are listening!!!!!

  7. Tracy says:

    How are you notified if you win a gift card or a smaller denomination amount? I play everyday & I am only silver level, how do you advance?

  8. Yusuf Nasir says:

    H I PCH I Play every Single day I Am Playing A Dream and its time to A Winner thanks for the opportunity

  9. Jay Harris says:

    Are winners selected by amount of tokens?also how long does it take to reach black diamond level in tokens

  10. lgd says:

    how do I get my birthday tokens :D

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