Redemption Center 1,000 and Up Tokens

Redemption Center 1,000 and Up Tokens

197 thoughts on “Redemption Center 1,000 and Up Tokens”

  1. Fraud is a crime, we need to redeem these tokens.

  2. Misty Ferrara says:

    I have been trying to redeem my tokens and have gotten nowhere, very frustrating. When will this issue be fixed, not very appealing to your members.

  3. yvette says:

    Cannot redeem tokens I have 103.000 you need to fix this problem the more tokens I get its seems to not want to redeem

  4. Veola. P. Johnson says:

    I thought and PCH was legitimate, but I know now it is not. I can not redeem my tokens either! This is rediculas, wrong, and just plain tiring… cheating people in order to get us to play their games and place orders. This is so not fair ! I’m finished with PCH!!!! Thought these were the honest ones !!!

  5. Corey Murphy says:

    I can’t redeem either…. this is annoying

  6. James carpem says:

    I cant redeem my tokens eather. I have way over 100000 and cant use them.

    1. tina speaker says:

      I’ve been trying toi. I have 44,500 tokens . Every time I enter password it kicks off and goes to main PCH screen! What a Farce!!

      1. Misty Ferrara says:

        Does the same for me each and every time.

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