Redemption Center 1,000 and Up Tokens

Redemption Center 1,000 and Up Tokens

258 thoughts on “Redemption Center 1,000 and Up Tokens”

  1. joseph cooper says:

    i hope to get even more tokens

  2. I went to the token redeem tin page an it told me nothing about token prize redeemtion, only spoke about the pch search,would like to know how will I know if I won the sweeper I put 316,000 tokens on?

  3. George says:

    I have over 104,000 how do I cash in my tokens

  4. Cynthia williams says:

    How can prize patrol deliver winnings to my door when they have only my p.o. box # not my physical address?

  5. Elaina M.Bishop says:

    I’m sorry but I’m still trying to figure out how to search for things, are we supposed to search for anything like things we want, things we need our what ? I do love the redemption center and now I don’t know how to to unlock the items that are locked and how did they g locked ? Confused.

  6. I have over a million tokens what do I do?

  7. wilma says:

    I have over 500,000 tokens what can I get

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