Scratch Central at

Scratch Central at

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  1. sallyg says:

    I want to win a million dollars a year at pch!!! I am a super fan of Pch, and am a customer. I am trying soooo hard to win this miracle of a life time!!!!!

  2. rena young says:

    tokens tokens tokens oh yeah scratch them off and win more tokens!

  3. M. J. M. says:

    Being out of work since July of 3rd, 1986 (motorcycle accident) – makes it a little difficult to even send out Christmas cards. Especially when your Social Security Disability – including Food Stamps – is less than 70% of minimum wage!

  4. wichita says:

    I hope pch will give me a chance to win this comming end of december I’am not arming a big amount the most important that i can help and support my family thats all pch thank you in advance

  5. Henry Howe says:

    If I win $1,000 today that what i can say lucky day

  6. Linda BEGLEY says:

    I want to win this game so bad but I don’t have to be a million dollars winner iwill settle for a touch screen laptop or tablet and some spending money if I could win that then I would be happy, thanks again for letting me talk!

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