Where Does the PCH Prize Patrol Award Prizes? Everywhere!

Where Does The Prize Patrol Award Prizes

All of us at PCH are always SO excited to hear from great people like YOU! One of the things we love doing is answering your questions, so today I’m going to answer a question that we get A LOT. Where does PCH Prize Patrol go to give out our AMAZING prizes? The answer is simple: WE GO EVERYWHERE!

A lot of people think that PCH only goes to certain types of homes but I’m here to tell you that that just ISN’T TRUE! Publishers Clearing House Prize Patrol travels to all types of locations to reach its winners and our big winners are always randomly selected! To prove it, let’s take a trip back in time to prove that PCH comes to you wherever you are!

Back in August of 2012, history was made when PCH awarded its FIRST $5,000 A Week “Forever” Prize to John Wylie of White City, Oregon. The lucky winner John Wylie was from a mobile estate community proving that it doesn’t matter where you live, the Prize Patrol will come to you wherever you are!

Flashing forward to December 12, 2012, we found our GIGANTIC $1.25 Million PCHlotto Jackpot winner Gerard Rivera in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Gerard became one of our millionaires, and guess what…he lived in an apartment! 12/12/12 will definitely be a day that he will never forget.

So far we’ve introduced you to a winner from a mobile home and an apartment, but brace yourselves, we’re about to surprise you with our next winner’s story!

Do you all remember what happened in August 2010? Well I’ll refresh your memories…we surprised Mr. Joseph Beane of Las Vegas, NV with a $ 1 Million SuperPrize! Where we found Mr. Beane may be one of the more bizarre locations we’ve come across: a P.O. Box! That’s right, folks! PCH can even find you at a P.O. Box!

For our final story you may already know that finding our unsuspecting winners at their homes is something quite common for PCH. However, this story is particularly special to us!

Back in August 13th, 2009, Stephanie Gornichec of Caldwell, Idaho got the surprise of her life from the Publishers Clearing House team at just the right time. The One Million Dollar PCH Sweepstakes winner, who had previously lost her job a year before, was forced to put her brand new home up for sale. Because of her PCH prize, Stephanie no longer had to give up her dream home! It is a known fact that the PCH Prize Patrol goes to homes, but now you know that PCH can play a part in saving houses, too!

As you can all see from the stories above, it doesn’t matter where you live. PCH comes to you wherever you are!

If you want the chance to get LUCKY like these winners, don’t forget to enter every chance you get at pch.com!

You can’t win it if you’re not in it!

Christa P.
Creative Intern

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  1. I can’t wait to win something to buy my Own house one day help my family others and more😩

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    I know someone that’s been playing daily since2011 still hadn’t won any cash even on the online games he always wins coins never cash

  3. I will make it if I tried just a little harder and my dreams will come true

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    Come to the Humphrey house in gastonia nc

  5. PCH the days are getting closer to become a winner

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    It is time to come to my state for a Big Win. I want to be the next Big Win from pch. Come and aboard a flight and rent your car from airport to make myself and my boys dreams come to reality.

  7. Will I hope I win because of my house look it abandoned

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    sorry my speelling isn”t great . goood luck every one

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    love all hoilday my house is everybody. lts only a trailer a (1965) put it a home. wish me luck. been trying for years never one. HAPPY HOIDAY TO EVER ONE AND GOD BLESS.

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    Happy Fourth Of July Today House Winner Carla M Antee Natchitoches La

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