Prize Patrol One Million Dollas Plus $5,000 a Week For Life

Prize Patrol One Million Dollas Plus $5,000 a Week For Life

21 thoughts on “Prize Patrol One Million Dollas Plus $5,000 a Week For Life”

  1. Brenda Gibson says:

    Wow that would be a great honor to meet the team that makes dreams come true. Wow. I sure do like that youall do this for people that means youall have good hearts. That’s so great. And that your god sent to people like penny that was a good feeling to know youall saved her home. . Thanks Dave, Danielle, Todd. Well youall have a truely Blessed day.

    P.S thanks for doing what your doing. Blessing to your team :-)

  2. Donna McGinnis says:

    I would get some help for my husband and me to stay in our home until his dementia gets too bad for us to stay together. I have had 3 spine surgeries and have a spine full of Titanium. He loses his temper when he gets tired and sometimes gets mad and rough. I would want to find an elder care program for us where I can have an apartment near him so that I can still visit him. We were scammed out of our retirement savings and have no money now.

  3. crystal clay says:

    i love pch and if u put the top search engin with a pch super / mega prize together u get a happy winner with a edgicated mind lol for life meeee!!!!:)pch please make me a life winner!!

  4. john berry says:

    I will gladly accept and even play a game of simon says or truth or dare if that helps increase my chances!!!

  5. I would love to win so I can help my grandfather out and build my dream house. So please pick me to win I need the money.

  6. I have never won anything this would be unreal I’d love to win !!!!!

  7. Evangeline Byrd says:

    I am putting two grandchildren through college and I need to win

  8. yes guys I want to win ♥♥♥☜

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