Win Mega Prize and Take a Dream Vacation

Win Mega Prize and Take a Dream Vacation

5 thoughts on “Win Mega Prize and Take a Dream Vacation”

  1. Please I would like to win because I know someone who is close to me I could help out and true bless her so If I win you wood be help me help her I need the money but I want to share with her

  2. I would like to just go some where and rest get away from doctor hospital and bill collect and just the stress of every day life some where I could enjoy the sun shine just in enjoy the Scenery around me And my family could do thing like hike or just have fun

  3. Sonya Brown says:

    I would love a vacation anywhere near water and sunshine! I need one after a tornado put a tree through my roof. Yes I could use a big vacation for sure! LOL!!!

  4. Patricia Franklin says:

    Calgon take me away!!!! I need a vacation so badly. Being homeless and living wherever have been so hard, but, God is watching over me to make sure I keep a roof over my head. Thank you Lord! and PCH”

  5. Cindy Harris says:

    Would this be amazing or what! A Honeymoon we never had, surviving pancreatic cancer celebration who really needs a reason my bags are packed!

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