Win Mega Prize and Buy Your Dream Home

Win Mega Prize and Buy Your Dream Home

9 thoughts on “Win Mega Prize and Buy Your Dream Home”

  1. If God bless me with any sweepstakes prizes I would like to buy a dream Home in Georgia pay off some bills share some with churches and nice christen ministries on TV and put a little in the bank for a retirement fund. I would gladly like to use some of the money to sow a seed back into the ministry so the work of the Lord can continue to reach people all over the world. Thank You.

  2. sri rahayu yunus says:

    if i win mega prizes i will buy a house for my little family. i hope this reality and true dream. thank you. oh yes, could i win while i live in indonesia????

  3. shelley morris says:

    we have been looking for a home to buy forever. we would be able to build one or buy a better home in the area we want.
    we could also help familes that need the help.

  4. Puataunofo Enosa says:

    If I win a mega prize, I would buy me a house, a car, pay off my student loans, and the most fun of it all is I will never have to work again in this life. Tired of paying rent, tired of making car payments,still paying for student loans, and many bills that takes all my check and leave me little to no money to survive until the next pay check.

  5. sheilla Voltaire says:

    Winning this Mega Prize can definitely make a real dream come true.

    A dream that will help solve my financial hardships. Allow me to be stable in life without certain worries. I am desperately in need of a home, a car, secure my two daughters college tuition and open my own company.

    Lastly, donate to the cancer society charity since my parents and cousins have died from cancer and some of my siblings are cancer survivors.

    Best of Luck to me!!!

  6. Walter Myers says:

    I would like to win to pay off my morgage and pay medical bills and help get my kids get back on their feet please help thanks.

  7. I really need a house to stay in
    my old age. If I win I will happy to get my dream come true.
    I will buy a beautiful home.

  8. Cindy Harris says:

    We would build our dream log cabin somewhere with a mountain view!

  9. when I win the mega prize I’m going to buy my home in North Carolina I saw it for $194,000

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