PCH’s Mad Men Prize Patrolers

PCH's Mad Men Prize Patrolers

10 thoughts on “PCH’s Mad Men Prize Patrolers”

  1. CARLOS J.RIVERA says:

    hopping is ok, but winning is better.

  2. Carla M Antee says:

    Hey Don’t be mad

  3. Robert Salmaggi says:

    What can one say…PCH’s multi-sensational $2 mil-plus sweeps is unbelievably amazing! And more amazing, PCH does NOT ask for any money for processing, handling, and all that phony jazz…
    So, as I always say, count me in!

  4. Donald Hedrick says:


  5. Hideko Kubo says:

    I am trying to search “PRIZE ZONE AREA” but I don’t understand it!

    Email message says that,
    P.S. PRIZE ZONE ALART! search for a Major Prize Winner of $1,OOO.OO from the LOS ANGELES TV NBC area from Gwy. No. 2891 includes the your neighborhood. Act now!

  6. mary baker says:

    luv pch family in dire need to win

  7. thersia woods says:

    Thank you lord .please let me win.

  8. KAREN SHAW says:

    I Play every day because i need to win for my family.

  9. I play PCH everyday I just enjoy the thrill I get In hope of winning

  10. Tina Thomas says:

    I think something funny is going on i did not write that down about Dave & Todd Could some one of spammed me please let me know Thank You !

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