Do You Want To Become One Of Our Next Winners?

Hey PCH fans!

I hope you’re all having a TERRIFIC Tuesday, but I’m about to make your day even better!

For those of you who are unaware of what great opportunities has, LISTEN UP!

If you want a chance to win some AMAZING prizes, YOU need to get a move on! There are only THREE MORE DAYS LEFT to enter to win this month’s impressive assortment of prizes at! That’s right, folks! May 31ST is the LAST AND FINAL day to enter to win prizes using your tokens. 20 prize winners are GUARANTEED so remember to head over to the Redemption Center on to use your tokens to enter! Token Prizes

A few weeks ago, we told you all about tokens here on the PCHblog, but for those of you who missed it, tokens are your virtual currency on that you can redeem to enter to win AMAZING prizes in the Redemption Center. Our redemption center is chock-full of awesome prizes that vary from the latest gadgets to gift cards from your favorite stores.

Some of the AWESOME prizes being offered for this month are as follows:

–$500.00 Walmart Gift Card

–Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 Tablet

–32″ LG Brand LCD HDTV

–Sony® VAIO® Computer

So how exactly do you earn these tokens? By entering and playing all our winning opportunities at! That’s right, all you have to do is get your game on! Visit Scratch Central and you’ll have the chance to play 5 scratch cards to win cash & prizes INSTANTLY. And you’ll earn tokens with every game you play! How cool is that?

Scratch Central at

Or play our Instant Win games for the chance to win up to $1,000 CASH INSTANTLY, while also earning tokens in the process! Instant win gives you 7 chances to win every day. And you can come back the next day and have 7 more chances to win!

Kingpin Cashout at PCH.comStrike it Rich at

Just remember, to BANK your tokens you have to register at and provide your password when prompted! It’s quick and easy and that way you can your tokens to enter to win the AMAZING prizes I talked about before!

So everyone, be sure to get your game on NOW! This amazing opportunity to have fun and earn valuable tokens is almost over for this month! With the next deadline on Friday May 31st, that gives you ONLY 3 MORE DAYS. Log onto TODAY and start playing now!

Christa P.
Creative Intern

235 thoughts on “Do You Want To Become One Of Our Next Winners?”

  1. Darlene Dyer says:

    I’ve played numerous games and purchased merchamdise through the last 5-6 years and keep on playing. My bank account increased $20 by reveiving a token of $10 twice for beinga loyal player. August 31st is coming up and I’d like to see $ 5,000 each week going in. Things are rough for everyone and they may get worse before getting better. I wish everyone the best of luck

  2. Jesse Rivera says:

    I may not win these contests but I’ll never give up hope

  3. SKoonce says:

    I would love to win some money at PCH, $5,000 a week FOREVER would be wonderful, since I have been a customer for 49 yrs. and never won a cent. It is time this 70 yr, old lady won after 49 yrs, of nothing.

  4. Robert says:

    I’ve been playing PCH for over 40 years and never won a penny! I’m 75 now and still waiting to win some money….

    1. PCH Staff PCH Staff says:

      Hello Robert, PCH values our loyal fans like yourself. I can understand that it may get discouraging at times, but you have got “to be in it”! All of our winners are randomly selected and you never know who we will surprise next on February 26th! Good luck to you and all who enter!

  5. Yusuf Nasir says:

    Dear PCHSearch&Win
    I Would Like to become the Next Instant Winner of $5,000.00 A Week Forever on February 26th from PCH GWY NO. 4900 Plus for A Beneficiary to My Family Will Continue to Receive Same Weekly Payments
    Best Regards Yusuf Nasir

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