Strike it Rich at

Strike it Rich at

37 thoughts on “Strike it Rich at”

  1. Dreams do come true, I believe with all my heart I will “Strike-It-Rich” to help the little children of the world. Thank you Prize Patrol and may God bless PCH , GWY# 4900

  2. Lewis r Haggerty says:

    Would love to strike it rich wouldn’t now how to act at all.

  3. Robert Pritchard says:

    Please include me, not sure what to do, thanks Robert

  4. Ben Senske says:

    See you soon, I hope;-)

  5. pauline mcpherson-thomas says:

    PCH look no further I’m ur New Winner……

  6. Shawna Weekley says:

    I would like to strike it rich!!! How do I get there?

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