PCHGames Strikes Again! More Tokens, More Prizes, More Fun!


Hey there!

PCHGames has some big and exciting news…

We are now offering MORE chances to enter new sweepstakes, as well as MORE chances to win prizes, with all of the same games you know and love!

That’s right! PCHGames is now joining forces with PCH.com to give you chances to win even more giveaways like a new Sony Laptop, LG HDTV, or even a Kindle Fire!

Now, with these new opportunities come a few changes.

First, from now on, you will be using the same username and password for PCHGames.com as you do for PCH.com, PCHSlots, PCHlotto, and PCH Instant Bingo.  Isn’t that great? This will make logging in much easier, as you will have the same password for nearly all Publishers Clearing House sites!

PCHGames Sign In

With the combining of login and password information ALSO comes the combining of your token count and Redemption Centers. This means that all the tokens you earn on PCHGames and all the tokens you earn on PCH.com will now be in the same bank!  Any tokens earned on PCHGames will be added with tokens earned on PCH.com to make up your Total Token Count, which you can use towards more sweeps and prize opportunities at the PCH Redemption Center.

Now some of you might be saying, “Wait a minute! Now what will happen to all the tokens I earned before?” The answer is simple: You keep them! They will just be added on to your Token Count.  Rest assured, all of the tokens you currently have will be accounted for in your total token amount.  So don’t stress, you will still have all of your tokens!  But now, you have a chance to accumulate more and more, and they will all be in one place, so that you can easily access and use them. How convenient!

Your token count will conveniently be located at the top right hand corner of your screen, where there will also be options for you to Redeem Tokens, Earn Tokens, and view your Token History.

PCHGames Total Tokens

More Tokens, more sweeps, more prizes!  PCHGames has it all folks! So wait are you waiting for? Go ahead, get on over to PCHGames and start racking those tokens up!

Until next time,

Nick P.
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155 thoughts on “PCHGames Strikes Again! More Tokens, More Prizes, More Fun!”

  1. I didn’t think they called, I believed they just show up and really surprise you. Lately I found or thought now your winners are people who actually have an account and live in the west and mid west of USA.. I’ll keep playing your games it is a good way to pass the time but I’d really believed simply plain people won and miracles do happen .
    When those that do win makes it seem they are happy I do also am happy for them which make the game playing also eel good. do you mine letting us know the percentage of winners are not account holders yours please . ears ago My husband was and he never won now we aren’t and we still haven’t been winners of PCH. Thank You Kindly

  2. Tashawna Cooper says:

    Tashawna… to SCORE 65O BONUS TOKENS!

  3. Kathy Giles says:

    tell me why when i do a search on pch search and win it wont give me my earned tokens or the scratch off it promises

  4. Migdalia says:

    On the win! Hope 🎋 😆 believe thanks 💖 💕

  5. vickie m. says:

    I like playing , but games are not responding like they did before, a3 min games takes 5 to 6 min to reload from start to finish. It is like playing in slow mode, takes forever to make moves.

  6. Sylvia Sprague says:

    Why do I show 379 thousand token and when I go to redeem them The Total says I have no tokens left

  7. Kimberly weeks says:

    yes pch i want to be the next winner of the big superprize event for april and june 30 2015!! yes i want to win all the games and pchlotto w2105
    4900 3080

  8. How come when I played PCH games that I am always awarded the smallest amount of tokens. Am I hitting the wrong keys on my keyboard?

  9. Rob says:

    I am having trouble with Backjack. It no longer works in Chrome, Internet Exporer, Firefox on my PC. I use to get it to work on my ipad but no more. What is the deal?

  10. Mickey mims says:

    I got a call yesterday from pch. saying that I was in the top five I hope that’s true and that I could be the next winner cause if I am that would be a blessing from God to win that much money weekly thanks pch I hope to see y’all soon

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