PCHGames Sign In

PCHGames Sign In

166 thoughts on “PCHGames Sign In”

  1. Edith Olds says:

    I too am a long time PCH player, 28 years, haven’t won and get a lot of kidding about it. But that is ok, if the ship comes in that would be great if not my friends will keep kidding me. I wake up each day thanking God and family, and friends for each day in this beautiful county we have. To bad others don’t see IT!

  2. LEIGH HOOVER says:

    i have to search too often to win anything

  3. if I won I could help so many good hearted friends. It would be so so awesome!!!!!

  4. kimberly says:

    im happy hope i win it all if not hope someone deserving does

  5. harold says:

    iam very happy

    1. Peter L .Taylor says:

      I am very happy with pch !!.

  6. steve Vayda says:

    I’m happy

  7. Erika Bogue says:

    Hi. I’m happy to be able to see and play all PCH games. Don’t worry, be happy.

  8. Gail Champine says:

    I’d like to know how to win. Been with pch for 20yrs, never won as much as a $1.00. I have a giving nature, so helping family and friends would be paramount. But I have to win first. Just how to win is the question. How!!

  9. Wanda alexander says:

    Hi PCh . If i win this would Chang my life 4every. And help other that need my help. And thanks for letting me play. May God bless all u guy’s that out there playing.

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