Win a Dream Wedding

Win a Dream Wedding

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  1. Jennifer Skinner says:


    I’m writing because I don’t quite know how to enter this contest & if this is the way to do it, then here’s my plea. I don’t really have a date for my wedding because we keep pushing it back because we can’t afford any kind of wedding. Our son died on November 19, 2015 & we are still struggling with that loss. He was born at 17 weeks & only lived for 45 minutes. We struggle every day with not knowing why this happened to us & keeping a positive attitude. Mitchell, my boyfriend, took out a loan on a ring that we can barely afford because I was in a bad place & he just wanted to see me smile again. It was a wonderful proposal on my favorite holiday, Christmas. He wanted it to be perfect & not just what he could afford which is also what we want for our wedding. We could just go to the courthouse, but that is what my mother & grandmother did & they have regretted it every day of their lives. I don’t want to regret anything about my wedding. I am entering every contest that I can find because I want it to be beautiful & I want to be able to invite everyone that is important to me to share in our happiness. We want it to be a wedding that honors the short life of our son. We pray that we will be able to create a happy & beautiful beginning to a new life. I can’t imagine that we would use all 50,000 & would be happy to even donate what we don’t use to another bride.

    Jennifer & Mitchell

  2. Amber says:

    Hello PCH,

    I am writing you because I would like to take the financial burden off my fiancĂ© (Rob). Rob and I met and I instantly knew I met the sweetest, most giving, loving man in the world. Surprisingly, only two months of dating I became pregnant with our beautiful baby girl, Annelies. He propose soon after I became pregnant and has taken care of us for the past year. Due to me being in the beginning stage of my career it didn’t make sense financially for me to go to work and put our child in daycare; therefore I am now a full time stay at home mom.
    Overall, I didn’t come from a financially sound family and I am hoping to be able to contribute by winning this money for our family, & in essence repay Rob for his kindness.

    Thank you for taking the time to read my posting,


  3. Jordan says:

    Everyone has written virtually the same thing, we all would be able to have the wedding of our dreams and it would change all of our lives. We wouldn’t have to worry about cutting costs or not inviting certain people. It would virtually start all of our lives with our loved ones off on the right foot as we would know we were financially secure.

    So I guess I am writing this hoping I get noticed in the sea of people so I can have this money for our wedding in August of 2016. Then let my fiance get the wedding dress she wants and not limit her to the amount of people we are inviting since she’s from a large family (she is 1 of 13 kids and her parents are each 1 of 8 kids).

    Please notice this and let us throw an amazing wedding with all the bells and whistles

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