Win a Dream Wedding

Win a Dream Wedding

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  1. Elizabeth A Hehir says:

    The first thing I would do is plan an amazing honeymoon – but I’d want a lot of money leftover to spend on my dream gown, and a stunning venue where all of our friends and family can help us celebrate our big day. I’d also splurge on a photographer since I’m obsessed with cutesy shots 🙂 Getting married October 2017 and can’t wait to marry my best friend.

  2. Judith Challenger says:

    It is our dream to get married. We’ve known each other this year makes 20 years. We’ve been together as a couple for about 8 years. We’ve gone through military disability, my various lupus hospitalizations, the birth of two kids, foreclosure of our home and we are still going strong.
    I believe family, faith and fun keeps us strong, committed and moving forward. In our hearts we have been joined since the beginning and it would be amazing to be able to have a celebratory, intimate moment with our close family and friends just to say how committed we are to each other and thank you for supporting us. Our children would love it as they are always asking us when will you get married and are we a family.
    Thank you for the opportunity to tell our stories in a short forum. Good luck to all!

  3. Nicole Ventura says:

    If I were to win 50,000 to go towards my dream wedding I wouldn’t wait till next year to get married. I would plan it as fast as I could, my grandfather is very sick and I worry about him not being with us when I get to marry the man of my dreams. My father wasn’t a very big part of my life and my grandfather was always there. He is my father figure and I want nothing more then for him to give me away. It’s been very hard to be excited about planning our wedding when all I can think about is him not being able to share our special day. My perfect wedding would consist of my grandfather getting to be involved it planning and getting to be a part of our ceremony.

  4. Tiffany Smith says:

    My best friend and Soulmate and I started dating for the second time at the before summe and then he had to leave for Florida because that’s where the work was at. I miss him so much and then things were getting serious and I couldn’t imagine another day without him, so I messaged him and said “you know if you would ask me to marry you, I would” he messaged back, ” why don’t we” and that was that. Now I’ve been married before and he hasn’t, so we decided to just go to the JP to get married. I would like for him to be able to experience the whole small wedding, as a surprise. We’re getting married quite quickly on 08/13/2016. I live in Meadville PA. My name is Tiffany Smith and email address is

  5. Emily C. says:

    To have $50,000 for my fiancé and I would be an absolute dream come true. I would want everything to be fairytale-like. Like your friend Amanda, I would adore a castle as the venue. I would get a dress that’s long-sleeved, lace, with a tiara. I would also get the perfect pair of shoes…because the perfect pair of shoes could change a girl’s life! Just ask Cinderella!

    I would also spend it on great photographers, videographers, flowers, cakes, caterer, alcohol, live band, and the props that’s needed to match the theme! And last but not least, I would absolutely love there to be fireworks to end the night. That is THE dream wedding, and that is how we would spend the money.

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