Win a Dream Wedding

Win a Dream Wedding

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  1. Martina Jennings says:

    My Fiance and i been together 10 years. We fought through our tralls and tribulations together. We have a wonderful son together. Our 2nd child sadly passed away. We’ve been engaged 4 years and we are really ready to get married. I really love him with all my loyalty , heart , soul, and every breath I have in me… I wouldn’t choose anyone else to grow old with. I wish my Fiance mother was still alive she suddenly passed away 3 years ago tragically and unexpectedly. I know he really wanted her to be here. We miss her so, hes heart broken she wont be here for our wedding mother and son dance. I truly know this man really loves me. As this moment the clock is ticking because two years ago I found out my father has cancer and I need him to give me away at my wedding. We just purchased a new home a year ago and restarted our business 1 month ago so all of our money is being put forth to the future.Thankyou so much for reading my statement. Im glad i had a privilege to opinion this.

  2. Patton Beavers says:

    $50,000 would be such a blessing to my fiancé and me! I’m a student and work part time and he is a car salesman so we are on a tight budget and do not have a lot of extra help from family. This money would help us so much! Thank you for the opportunity you’ve provided.

  3. Donna M. says:

    It would be an answer to our prayers…To win A Dream Wedding!

    We’ve been dreaming and planning a wedding since 12/12/12 and due to both of us having large families spread out all over the US and Micronesia and living/commuting long distance (he is in MIssouri im in California, dad’s illness, gota help mom out) we just dont have the means to pull “our wedding” off… so we wait, plan, and pray…

    It would be beyond our wildest dreams to win this!

    Thank you for this opportunity… and God bless!

  4. Amanda Vallaro says:

    I would love to win $50,000 to marry the man of my dreams! I have been a single mother for two years, and met the man of my dreams who has twin three-year olds! Winning this money would allow us to have a beautiful wedding to have our families join us in uniting our own family! I feel I have won the lottery with my fiancé, his kids and my own, this would help make our day even more special!

  5. Monica Bernhard says:

    What better way to start your forever with the love of your life than with the wedding of your dreams? I recently got engaged and like most girls, I immediately started to plan my wedding. The dress, the venue, the food, the flowers, the…cost? While the wedding may be fit for a queen, the price tag definitely throws a wrench into the planning. If I had $50,000 to spend on my specia day I would invite my whole family, spare no expense on the perfect venue, and save enough to have an amazing European honeymoon. The sky is the limit with that kind of budget and would mean so much to my fiancé and I.

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