Win a Dream Wedding

Win a Dream Wedding

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  1. Summer says:

    Hello everyone!
    I got engaged on October 11th 2016 at Disney world! My dream cam true after many years, trials, and loses with family members and Friends we loved. We are from alittle town Soddy Daisy TN. If we won it would be a dream! Carl and I will have to pay for our whole wedding ourself. It would help us so much. We have so many Friends and loved ones that we want to honor that are not here, and that we want to share with. We would use that money to make our wedding a memorable experience for not just us, but for family and friends to remember forever.
    We have been together for 15 yrs! Yep! 15!!! We want a celebration. After all that has gone on…it is time to celebrate! ( so many are excited about this) I want to celebrate with my family, and his the right way. We would be honored and would be brought to tears if we won.


  2. Madison D. says:

    If I had $50,000 I would pay for my fiancé’s family and friends to come to our wedding. My fiancé is South African and we have to get married in the United States for legal reasons. Unfortunately the cost of plane tickets and visa fees (since South Africans cannot enter the US without a visa) are going to prevent my fiancé’s friends and most of his family members from attending our wedding. I feel guilty that our big day will be dominated by my family and friends and I would love to be able to fly his best friends in for the wedding and be able to cover their expenses.

    If we had money left over I would use the rest of the money for a month-long honeymoon in Europe so that we could explore a bit more of the world together.

    David and I are getting married in my home town in April and I cannot wait to live in the same hemisphere as my best friend.

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