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  1. I’ve been engaged for 4 years, been together 7 years. We can’t afford a wedding. No one to help us. Recently just had a baby, never wanted to be married like I do now 🙁

  2. To win this dream wedding money would be amazing! My fiance & I have been together for 4years TODAY & it’s been the best of our lives. We met thru a mutual friend & did long distance for the first year and a half of our relationship. Because we are both opposing sides of the Nation, and neither of us come from money, we would use that money to make our wedding bigger to be able to invite more loved ones & we’d use it to fly our families to whatever location we decide on.

  3. Not only have my Fiance and I have dreamed to have this special day to happen but we worked hard to live our dreams together. Before we got together, We didn’t come from stable families. as best friends, we made the decision to become a couple and achieve our dreams together and strive for what we want. We started from the bottom and we’re still working our way up with our careers. If we won this $50,000, we’d really be able to celebrate how far our relationship has come. After 10 years of being together, it is one true day I hope and pray to celebrate our big day. We’ve never wanted to get married as a small ceremony, we’re waiting to do it all witht he ones who’ve supported us along the way and to do it as we’ve dreamed of. So this 50,000 win for our big day would feel tremendously rewarding.

  4. My future hubby and I have been together 6 years . He has been working so hard just to support me. Well I have been fighting fibroids and health issue’s that take up our savings. To win this would mean the world to us.

  5. Winning $50,000 dollars to build my fiance’s dream wedding would be phenomenal. I’m United States Army Veteran who suffers from PTSD Anxiety and chronic Hip/Knee pains so when it comes to work I don’t bring in the most monthly income to do all the things I wish we could do. I am smart with the money we have which has kept us debt free. This $50,000 would not only help us bring our real wedding to fruition, but we can actually bring her side of the family from New Jersey to California.

  6. I recently got engaged to my best friend.
    We have been together for 12 years come December 13 so its been a long time coming to say the least! We have 2 beautiful little girl’s together and have been through some of the hardest and best times together. If i were to win this sweepstakes it would be a dream come true not only for the sake of my dream but his as well. They say a wedding is the brides day but i believe its both man and wife. Being able to pull off a wedding that both of us could only dream of is a dream come true within itself. He deserves it just as much as he would say i do. This is the one time i plan on getting married and so i want it to be perfect (for him and i) being able to take the load of funds off of his shoulders would be such a blessing. One that we both would be so very grateful for.

  7. Hello everyone!
    I got engaged on October 11th 2016 at Disney world! My dream cam true after many years, trials, and loses with family members and Friends we loved. We are from alittle town Soddy Daisy TN. If we won it would be a dream! Carl and I will have to pay for our whole wedding ourself. It would help us so much. We have so many Friends and loved ones that we want to honor that are not here, and that we want to share with. We would use that money to make our wedding a memorable experience for not just us, but for family and friends to remember forever.
    We have been together for 15 yrs! Yep! 15!!! We want a celebration. After all that has gone on…it is time to celebrate! ( so many are excited about this) I want to celebrate with my family, and his the right way. We would be honored and would be brought to tears if we won.


  8. If I had $50,000 I would pay for my fiancĂ©’s family and friends to come to our wedding. My fiancĂ© is South African and we have to get married in the United States for legal reasons. Unfortunately the cost of plane tickets and visa fees (since South Africans cannot enter the US without a visa) are going to prevent my fiancĂ©’s friends and most of his family members from attending our wedding. I feel guilty that our big day will be dominated by my family and friends and I would love to be able to fly his best friends in for the wedding and be able to cover their expenses.

    If we had money left over I would use the rest of the money for a month-long honeymoon in Europe so that we could explore a bit more of the world together.

    David and I are getting married in my home town in April and I cannot wait to live in the same hemisphere as my best friend.