Win a Dream Wedding

Win a Dream Wedding

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  1. Elizabeth magazzeni says:

    My fiancĂ© and I have been wanting to get married for two years our daughter will be two in July and we want to be one family before she’s old enough to know the difference. It is the first time for both of us getting married and I want to have the wedding of my dreams but financially we cannot. Please help us

  2. Caline Yedinak says:

    Yes Please!

  3. JAMIE TADY says:

    Would love to win! Thanks PCS this would be a dream come true as we are paying for our own wedding!!

  4. voyice clark says:

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  5. Jess Wildmem says:

    I’m actually trying for my best friend. She’s always been there for me for the past 20 years and now she’s getting married. Her parents have very little money, her fiancĂ© and she work very hard for what they have. Her parents actually got so upset about having to help with a weddin that they aren’t speaking to her anymore. She gets very little parental support and a chance for her to have one princess like dream would be SUCH a blessing.

  6. kerrie burgess says:

    I would love to win the dream wedding!! My husband and I have been married for 4 years!! We didn’t get to have the big traditional wedding that we wanted due to my mom was in the hospital very sick and not expected to make it!! So we went to the court house and got married so that my mom could rest knowing that she was able to celebrate with us and be some what apart of this marriage! My mother passed away a month and a half later! Please help my dream wedding come true!! We are wanting to renew our wedding vows in 2014 that will make 5 years of being married to the most wonderful man in the world!!

  7. Colleen Dalton says:

    I’d like to find out when this contest ends. Might be nice if there was a link at the top to remember when.
    I would love to win this! I could to into all my “glorious” reasons, but, since it is just a enter, and see if you won. That is what I have done, but, I would like to know when it ends.. lol

  8. Monica Yslas says:

    Im disabled my daughter has put off going to college to care for me. She is our only child. Her father works three jobs to keep a roof over our head. We are drowning in my medical bills. My daughter is so loving, giving and unselfish. She says she understands that things have changed. That we won’t be able to help her with her wedding. Please, help my daughter have atleast one of her dreams come true. Plz.

  9. Monica Yslas says:

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  10. Monica Yslas says:

    my 24 year old daughter is getting married. She is an only child. About 9 years ago I was diagnosed with Lupus Sleep and Rheumatoid arthritis. My daughter who graduated from high school with honors had always talked about going to college. When my illness struck she became my main care giver. She put off college to stay close to home and care for me. My illness has left me disabled and unable to work. My husband works three jobs just to keep a roof over our head. My medical bills are drowning us. We can’t in any way afford to give our daughter the wedding she so deserves. She gives and gives of herself. I just want her to have at least one if her dreams. I ask u from the bottom of my heart to please grant her wish. Plz.

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