How You Can Spot A Publishers Clearing House Facebook Scam!

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As you all know, the PCH Prize Patrol is very concerned about scammers on Facebook. Unfortunately, in just a few short weeks of my internship here at Publishers Clearing House, I have realized how many fans are posting on Facebook about friend requests from strangers impersonating the Prize Patrol. These scammers are even telling people they won and need to give them money! I wanted to write a blog to give you all some more information on how you can identify if the person on Facebook is a scammer!

One thing we haven’t done yet on the blog is show you a real Facebook message conversation with a scammer. Well recently one of our fans had a conversation with a scammer who was pretending to be Todd Sloane. This fan was grateful enough to post this on Danielle’s PCH Prize Patrol Fan Page to share with everyone! If you receive a private message like this…it’s a Publishers Clearing House Facebook SCAM!

Spot A Publishers Clearing House Facebook Scam

Spot A PCH Facebook Scam

So how can you be sure it’s a scam? Well for starters, if you receive a friend request or private Facebook message from anyone claiming to be the PCH Prize Patrol, that’s the first indication! The most important thing to know is that the Prize Patrol will NEVER send personal messages, friend requests or contact you prior to knowing the winner of the prize. The only way that you will know if you have won big ($10,000 and up) is if the Prize Patrol shows up at your doorstep. If you do get into contact with a scammer through a Facebook message or a phone call, DO NOT give them any of your personal information or money! PCH NEVER asks for money in order to claim a prize — winning and entering sweepstakes is ALWAYS free.

Another tip is to look at the number of followers the Facebook page has. For example, if someone named “Todd Sloane” sends you a friend request and you see they only have 3 friends, that’s a way to tell that it’s a Publishers Clearing House Facebook SCAM. The REAL PCH Prize Patrol Fan Pages have thousands of fans! If you do catch a scammer on Facebook, be sure to report them, it would be a BIG help to the Prize Patrol if we have our fans assist in reporting scammers. Not only would you be helping them, but other fans as well! For steps on how to report a scammer refer to this YouTube video created by Danielle:

How to Report A Scam On Facebook

Working with the Prize Patrol and analyzing Facebook postings allowed me to realize that there sadly are scammers out there targeting innocent people. I hope this helps everyone and gives insight on what to look for the next time you are contacted by a scammer on Facebook! Please don’t be fooled, and if you have any questions, you can always leave a comment on the PCH Prize Patrol Fan Pages — Danielle Lam, Todd Sloane or Dave Sayer!

Alyssa C.
Promotion Development Intern

90 thoughts on “How You Can Spot A Publishers Clearing House Facebook Scam!”

  1. Shelly says:

    Hy name is shelly I got a friend from a mark Scott and he told me I was a winner of pch for 1 million dollars plus 5 thousand a week forever and a 2016 bmw all I had to do was pay a sale tax of 400$ at a western union for the bmw,he then offered to pay $300 and all I had to do is pay $100 then pch prize patrol would be at my house with my check and car soon after he even showed me the check with Danielle holding it with my full name on it as well as the receipt showing he paid the $300 towards my sales tax on the 20016 bmw and even let me choose the color,I also seen this guy on the pch elite team members,he insists that it wasn’t a joke it was absolutely real plus the check Danielle was holding had my first second and last name on it,I’m really confused because the man on his Facebook page was all pch stuff on it,n he swore it wasn’t a joke,I’m totally confused because I’ve been playing pch for year several times a day every day,plz help me!

    1. PCH Staff PCH Staff says:

      Hi Shelly, we are really sorry to hear that you were contacted by a scammer who was only pretending to be with PCH. Unfortunately, scammers will use the good name and reputation of PCH in an attempt to deceive people. We take the illegal use of our name and the issue of scams very seriously, which is why we regularly educate our fans on how to protect themselves. If you are ever contacted by someone who is posing as the real PCH, please report them to us here: It’s important to remember that the real PCH will never contact major winners via phone, standard mail, email, or Facebook (friend request or private message). We also never ask for money to claim a prize. Check out these Safety Tips for some more great info on what to watch for: Stay safe everyone!

  2. Wow!! I just gave my address, tel, and full name to a scammer!!!! I didnt know how the pch works. I really thought i was a random winner that they chose. What do i do now that they have my personal info?

  3. Jeremiah Rogers says:

    I have gotten fake friend request from PCH but thankfully I know it was not the real PCH. Still hoping for a win one day though I love what PCH does for people gives them a life changing moment.

  4. nancy wright says:

    I received a letter from 101 winners Circle Port Washington, NY 11050. today stating i won 1,000,000.00 and for me to contact a David Wells to claim the winning number 383708 and that on june 29th the check would be presented to by the PCH group. However, I must send 2,000.00 Cashier Check, and that 300,000.00 would be the amount of taxes owed to the IRS. The letter was signed by Mike Freeman Marketing Manager, PCH. I believe this is a PCH SCAM.

  5. This person pretends to be Dannielle A Lam and said I won a BMW and a million dollars but I have to pay $199 for processing, but will get it back. I have been playing pch and only won $10 besides tokens and I know if I win a big prize they would come to
    My door or send me a check.

  6. Renay Curry says:

    I too received a. Message saying that I won a million dollars!!!

    You were randomly selected to receive $1,000,000,00 and also you’d get $7,000.00 A Week for life then after that, someone you choose get $5,000.00 a week for their life! Congratulations once more!!!!!!!!!!!! All yours!!!!
    OK this is my working id ok

    1. PCH Staff PCH Staff says:

      Hi Renay, we would like to let everyone know that you never need to pay to claim a PCH prize you may have won. Also, PCH will never contact winners via phone, text, email, standard mail, Facebook requests, or private messages. The best thing about PCH is that it’s free to enter and free to win! Check out this blog to find out how to prevent scammers from contacting you: Please report any and all scams to us by completing a scam incident report. Click this link to find out how: Stay safe everyone!

  7. Jared says:

    Greetings ,I just received a friend request and attached the actual convo. I had with the scammer below:

    Hi hopin you’re doing well emoticon

    Are you aware that you are a new grand prize winner
    No,your joking:)

    Yes indeed provide me with your full address and cell phone number and correct name
    I don’t have a cell phone number. I must say I very suspicious”

    ————I hope this helps you guys catch the scammer and by the way any and all contributions are accepted ,:)

    1. Jared says:

      It was for Danielle Lam by the way.

    2. PCH Staff PCH Staff says:

      Hello Jared, please take a moment and report this scammer to Facebook by following this link: We never send out friend requests or private messages to our fans. You can also check out this blog for ways to prevent scammers from contacting you on Facebook: Stay safe everyone!

  8. I copied part of my convo with a fake PCH person:
    The reason why you have been added as a friend today is to have you notified that you have been selected for $2 million also $10,000 for the rest of your life from the publishers clearinghouse!!!!!!
    Please be advised that there is taxation that applied to transacting a large sum of money,such as your Grande prize.The Publishers Clearing House takes care of 95% of your taxation,we only required you our Grande prize winner.To pay their part of 5% which comes in a form as your clearance receipt.The clearance receipt is both your proof of that you are our Grande prize winner.It also acts as a contract to show you that you of completed your 5% part towards the delivered requirement.This is to be registered at any available store.

    1. PCH Staff PCH Staff says:

      Hello Julie, we are glad you knew this was not the real PCH! Here is a great link to prevent scammers from contacting you on PCH: Just to let everyone know the real PCH will never send you a friend request on Facebook and there is never a fee to collect a sweepstakes. Stay safe everyone!

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