Fun comes your way with the NEW and FREE PCH VIP App!

PCH Vip App

People are always asking me, “what is the most fun way to win with Publishers Clearing House?” There are many awesome and simple ways to enter, but thanks to our new PCH VIP mobile phone app, entering just got easier!

This new way to win is custom made for YOU, the savvy sweepstakes fan! Now you can get the inside track on the latest and greatest giveaways from PCH, and also be able to enter exclusive contests while on the go. Plus, our new, free PCH VIP app is available for both iPhone and Android phones and tablets, and offers an amazing experience and exclusive prizes just for users of this app – and it is with you wherever you have your mobile or tablet device! Every Publishers Clearing House super fan needs it!

PCH Mobile App

Here’s a video of PCH Prize Patrol Elite member Danielle Lam showing us how it works:

This application runs on the most popular gadgets and is super-easy to use. First, use your iPhone or Android device to Download the App NOW. Then just launch the app and push the button on the main menu for the prize that’s being offered. Simply enter your login information, follow any other instructions, and you’re entered! It’s that easy!

You’ll want to check in on the PCH VIP App all the time, because the line-up of contests is always changing!  That’s right, every time the app opens, you’ll find a complete list of all of the exclusive VIP prize events that are happening THAT DAY, with a countdown clock of how long these amazing prize opportunities will be available. That way you know what sweeps are available now and also how much time you have left to enter for other sweet cash prizes!


Clicking on each prize tab displays information about each giveaway, including whether you’ve entered through the app or not, the Gwy. Number, and a button for entry!

What if you’re at the mall or checking out magazines at the grocery store when the next prize window opens up? Don’t worry! As each new window of prize giving goodness is ready, the PCH VIP application will send you a reminder so you won’t forget!

We hope you download and install this FREE application today! If you’re a true Publishers Clearing House super fan, put it on your phone today and be one of the first few to attain this PCH VIP status!

Matt K.

PCH Creative

186 thoughts on “Fun comes your way with the NEW and FREE PCH VIP App!”

  1. Carla M Antee says:

    Ive been Vip for a while. Thank you

  2. norris flynn says:

    I sure like to win the VIP prize. I’m sure I would be able to help a lot of the families in our church families. This would be a blessing to all.

  3. Good Evening PCH,
    I am here tonight to answer an email about being on the VIP list. I believe this is a good thing but do not know for what money you can win with such a prize. There were 2 different amounts on the email. :)
    I look at it this way a winner is a winner no matter how much they win. Am I right?
    If I was blessed enough to win enough to pay my way out of debt then I know I have been blessed. I would pay off all 3 credit cards and buy myself a place where I know it is mine and I am safe. It does not have to be big, but has to be safe. I do not care if it is just a trailer it will be mine. Yahoo !!!!
    If there was enough money I would help my kids with there schooling and help the community. Maybe help the food pantry, help the church with money to help getting people back to work. Maybe fix some ones car or help some one get a good used car for them to work. If we can get people back to work they would fell better about themselves. You know one step at a time. We did not get in this mess over night and it will take awhile to get out of it.
    I have been blessed with both my kids working and attending school. I am so proud of them both, it is not easy out there but they never really complain. I know money is real tight with my daughter and her husband. She married a hard working man with no degree. Once Chris gets her degree she is putting him through school also. I pray for all of them to find enough strength to carry through. She is a 4.0 and I am very proud.
    I am the first of 10 children to graduate high school and when I did I was told my children would do well. This has come to pass and it was true. I am #9 out of 10 kids. That’s a lot isn’t it?
    If I could win enough to buy a truck and travel trailer I would travel around this beautiful place we all call home. I love the States and would never move. I just think we need more people working here. You know G.M. has pulled out of Michigan and it hit all of us one way or another. This is too sad. Michigan is a beautiful state I would love to move up to the 45 parallel line. The altitude there just agrees with me so much. I fell so good when I am up there visiting. When I leave to come home the farther I go south the crapper I fell, like water in my ears.
    So to make a old woman happy would to just let her have her own little spot in this world. Preferably on the 45 parallel where it looks like Gods Country.
    Oh and enough to pay off her credit cards and help others in her community.
    Please except this for the VIP list and I say thank you for that in itself.
    I thank you for your time and now I will go back to the email like the letter told me to do.
    Joann Parrott :)
    The middle aged woman with the blue eyes. Yahoo !! It’s me.

  4. The exclusive prize for the VIP $11,000,000.00 and a app phone GWY # 4944 it will be a blessing for me

  5. Yes I want to win VIP for 11,000,000.00 or 777,777,77 GWY #5388 This will be a blessing for me and my family so I want this money

  6. I love to win VIP. 11,000,000,00 or 777,777,77 that. Will be a. Big blessing

  7. viola bost says:

    I really do not want to feel ungrateful but I don’t have either of the phones for your App. I do not have them by my choice. Please accept my answer. Thank you

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