PCH Mobile App

PCH Mobile App

217 thoughts on “PCH Mobile App”

  1. Aaron says:

    Why am I able to enter daily in the sweepstakes on PCH.com on my phone and my computer? Do I receive both entries or are they voided?

  2. Trudy L says:

    How can I play PCHlotto cards for Mobile only, when on my mobile device, using the PCH sweeps APP…it changes over to a browser window, as soon as I click to play PCHlotto?

  3. Marcos says:

    My birthday is coming up just saying jejeje

  4. Wish you had an app for windows phone

    1. Thanks for posting this because I thought I was doing something wrong.

  5. Bruce. says:

    Having trouble on my mobile pH keep doing what instruction says but game still says I’m not is this really real or a con I hope not GH

  6. Jake srock says:

    I can’t check the lotto numbers. I click on the email part that say go check the numbers but it just takes me to the lotto page where you pick your numbers. I have an I phone

  7. Adrienne says:

    I can play all the other games on my phone except the Win 7000 a week for life it goes to the bulls eye page and then it stays there. And now I cant complete the bonus rounds because of just that one game.

  8. Robert Pritchard says:

    Having problems with my pch vip games, on my phone it keeps saying bad request. When I hit play. Any idea how to rectify my situation on my t-mobile phone? Thanks

  9. Rebecca says:

    We need Windows Phone Apps & Kindle Apps. We’re deprived.

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