PCH Mobile App

PCH Mobile App

231 thoughts on “PCH Mobile App”

  1. Pattie LeBert says:

    I used to be able to enter PCH with my iPad and now I am unable to. Is there something I need to do?

  2. ruthann says:

    So many plans 1 mill research cancer 1 mill feed the children 1 mill to build a free collage 1 mill to buy land and put little affordable single homes on it for poor and homeless I’m sharing with everyone

  3. ruthann says:

    Its not fair to not b able to sign up win a person has a Mobil phone only it says it is not a valid address or apartment # really I’m pretty sure I know my own address and apart # lol

  4. JOSEPH ROBB says:

    Im trying to win money– to open up HUMANE SOCIETY— for homeless ANIMALS I play and play– sometime all the pch stuff . sometime I don’t have time
    so my winning is for a purpose and my luck is no luck
    maybe ill win through a new game called winloot
    I have tried all kinda win money stuff nothing works

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