PCH Mobile App

PCH Mobile App

248 thoughts on “PCH Mobile App”

  1. William Leon says:

    Hi everyone at pch I’m glad to be pch vip hope good luck is coming to me soon

  2. Jeff Barco says:

    I am ready to win this

  3. Trudy Lewis says:

    What is going on with The PCH app, the PCH lotto link is gone, you’ve added PCH Lotto Blast, which has its own app, and PCH Play &Win has its own app, and now a variety of different apps, such as Gummy Drop and Vegas slots appear. Which seems to have bumped out PCH lotto!! Not to mention all day long, I’ve had the worst time with ending up on blank screens…making me to have to start entry all over!
    It took me over 4 Hours to get lotto cards played 😬

    1. PCH Staff PCH Staff says:

      Hi Trudy! You can try clearing your cookies and cache, and if that doesn’t help you can contact our customer service team. We’re always here to help! http://bit.ly/PCH_CustomerService

      1. Trudy Lewis says:

        I was getting same errors on my phone and 2 tablets. So, I guess PCH was tweaking the apps again 😕 But why did PCH take the original Lotto link off?

    2. Cindy says:

      I feel your pain, and have the same complaint.

  4. Elias Ayalew says:

    My VIP events instant win cash,
    Thank you,

  5. Lisa Ammons says:

    Every one of pch team has encouraged that someone who participate in the sweepstakes and contests it’s a life changing experience I’d love to get a chance to become one of the winners of pch keeping my chin up thank you 😊

  6. Teresa Johnsoni says:

    My VIP events instant win cash allo me to see it on pch mobile app.

  7. Kathleen Griffin says:

    Well, Here I am again. I’m happy to be saying hello and hope to see you all soon. Thank you.

    1. Randy says:

      Hello to you too!

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