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PCH Mobile App

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  1. John says:

    I want to win

  2. I keep getting these ,Last Chance or your disqualified EMails from PCH, am i regestered or not? I have to pay for data every time i try to enter ,all I have is this stupid/ smart phone.

  3. Susan Hunter says:

    Woohoo PCH, anticipation is growing, good luck to all!


  5. Susan Hunter says:

    I love PCH. Keep playing everyone, good luck

  6. Michael bemke says:

    Sweet country home

  7. Michael bemke says:

    add your comment here

  8. Jerry Osborne says:

    Osborne is really putting his best effort into discovering the difference in two applications without violating the rules of conduct, towards hopeful friendly dreams. I would never wish to steal my way into the WINNINGS. Says ME! WE, speaking in more than one lone character, as it gets closer to another date of great revelations… Some of us only have our phones to work off of. There are conflicts even in these great models of phones available. For as it is Observed, “Truly Observed,” these applications are optimized for the latest model devises, that give the phone owner a chance to go for the gold. And it truly seems that mostly the people with the ability to pull off all the stops, they have already gold to do so.
    We all can not afford to switch carriers to get another more powerful phone, and ethically… That is simply not the way of showing respect towards those in control of our wireless services, whom have put “BILLIONS,” yes… Multiple Billions of Dollars into the equipment upon the many Towers, to keep our signals from becoming compromised by low level hackers as such are there many in low areas… They make profit off of our misery. They even take note of us so miserable, if you were not a scientist as myself, and not so well proclaimed.. We are truly targets once they even have our physical address. Now they are truly clever too, that we might get something in the mail. They make certain to get their hooks into us quick. Be that they are ones of many that will be sending a lot of bogus mail, that only cost them pennies upon the many dollars they are good as Gold To Steal With A Disclosure Upon Every Form of Communication. They will show you from a thousand, to thirty five million dollars, in the form if a check, the check is suppose to be a copy of the original.
    Before you send credit, a preferred check from your personal account, ask yourself this one question. “If they have a check for you in those great amounts of money, why in ((((GOD’s)))) why in The Lord’s name I. Christ, should money be required for the release of so much money. ((( ???)))))))))) for if you have money they can do nothing with but to find the owner and deliver it, they are already insured to not be affected by the burden of attempting to hand it over .
    Don’t allow yourselves to be “BULLIED,” by the many out there that are professional thieves.
    If they can not come to the Door, even with the Department of Public Safety for their own safety if in Question… They have not the money period.
    And the moment you send them a check, is the moment you empower them more so to do it again, times a million more.
    Many different countries are involved in all of these scams. We do no longer truly have a “United Nations,” that respects “America’s Constitution of the People, by the People, and for the American Way of Life!”
    Somewhere back and not beyond reproach, our leaders sold out to Communism. And therefore we whom even mention the facts about what’s going on risk everything.
    There was never a Bail out for people in Debt. It was a ploy, to seek out many hidden assets of the American people. You cried for the freedom of information!!! And it backfired upon all of us working for the defense department without pay. All our cover has been exposed. Our families lives endangered, our mineral rights taken beneath us. And the word “TRADE,” is long known as Treason.
    However … I did not begin to write about all of that. That is all so insignificant to us whom know GOD lives alive within our own society. As his love is so great, he does not fight. Like myself, he awaits for change to come wherever he may be found. And I see God living within so many of you wonderful people. He told me right this very moment to say: “I LOVE ALL OF YOU !”
    Keep up the GOOD WORK! Keep your love alive, and if you can like old Jerry, try! Try not to let the world get you down. Have a little more faith in yourselves!
    You can do it if you try.
    Jerry says too: Greetings Earthly a Citizens of mass populations! Cities far and near! Greetings from EARTH!
    (“It’s all about the winning”) and I think PCH.com and everything about “Publishers Clearing House,” so many ways to win! (“You’ve got to not Give Up alike myself so many times.”)
    Try not to cast blame on anyone, even our own governments. We can only do what we have the power to do today. Search and Win!

  9. Tanaquil Le Master says:

    I really love the games and I’m not giving up until I Win It All to support my deaf son, my deaf-blind cousin, my multi-handicapped deaf friend with rheumatoid arthritis, my two grandchildren and my family who need my help. God bless you all.

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