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  1. I hope, and pray, that I would be so fortunate, and win the super prize. As I mentioned before, that I would be able to pay for my own medications that I have to take the rest of my life, three ties a day, all five of my meds. because of my cancer, and not to be dependent upon my states Medicaid. It would be a dream come true, if one day I could have a place that I could call “HOME”, and not live at my parents house in the basement. I don’t know where I would, or could , go when my parents won’t be here anymore .I would love to live the rest of my life “HAPPY”

  2. Yeah I would like to get your VIP app but it won’t let me it tells me I’m from another country and I live in Akron Ohio USA.

  3. Yes l’m a VIP PCH awands $50,000.00 cards 500,00 card& $30,000.00 card $10,000.cash giveaway number 7233 ,6900 my to claim all 2Million & $10,000.00 a month for life God prayer .please good luckly