94 thoughts on “PCH VIP App”

  1. Cindy Carnes says:

    I’d like to claim $10,000.00 PCH Gwy:No:7233….$10,000.00 instant prizes plus $500.00 instant prize cash!

  2. mary craft says:

    HI I am a VIP lady that would love to win this April.
    For 19 years I have been waiting playing an wishing.
    I started out young with pch now I’m old NEVER WON
    a thing…Praying this April is it.
    MARY of 19 years

    1. PCH Staff PCH Staff says:

      Hi Mary, WOW! 19 loyal and dedicated years to PCH, we are thrilled at your determination to win BIG! We know that playing the sweepstakes can feel discouraging at times, during those times just try to remind yourself that PCH receives millions of entries and can only award one winner at a time. With that being said, PCH prides themselves on running a fair and honest sweepstakes. To ensure this they have implemented a 100% random and unbiased winners selection. So don’t lose hope! To see all the ways you can enter in daily, click here: http://bit.ly/Enter-A-PCH-Sweeps. Best of luck to all those who enter!

  3. Ora Gibson says:

    Entry#6900 VIP Win $7000.00 a week for life on April 29th

  4. Lajoy says:

    PCH….I’m …VIP….Yes I want to win #6900…$7000 WK 4 life….PLEASE…PLEASE…PLEASE….I Want to WIN

  5. Lajoy says:

    PCH…Yes I want to win the PRIZE #7233….$10.000.00…..I can’t wait to win

  6. earl Stewart says:

    “VIP” I’m here to confirm and claim my entries instant prizes….Pch Gwy:No:7233….$10,000.00 instant prizes plus $500.00 instant prize cash! Thanks publisher clearing house millionaire….

  7. jack64 says:

    hey….Howie I want to be next here in California….

  8. hi pch, I claim my ten bonus entires for prize number 7233.

  9. Gerald conley says:

    I want claim entry $10.000.00. Pch.prize

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