PCH Vip App

PCH Vip App

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  1. Pch, I would Love to take a trip next week to North Carolina , it’s an 8 and a half hour drive, one way, it would come in handy for gas, and a few dates, to wine and Dine my wife and daughter, while there, Pch I wish that it could be a Million, when I go, so that I can secure that house of our dreams, next to my daughter’s school.

  2. Win $10,000.00 cash prize Vip Pch would help , I mean it would be something, after playing all this time , winning nothing.

  3. Carl Petty says:

    Glad to be a in the PCH VIP Event. Looking to win some of the prizes.


  4. Dawn Peevey says:

    I agree 250 % with Claudia Fiedler, she took the words out of my mouth afore I could say it!!! Thank you ,Claudia! Thats TEAM work!!! Lets keep The Vip Blog active!! Would love to see more people join us!!

  5. Win $ 10,000.00 cash prize Vip Pch

  6. If this is not a scam, I’ll take it

  7. Claudia Fiedler says:

    PCH VIP makes it easy to enter sweepstakes love playing the games lets you know about other sweepstakes that don’t get much media gives pch sites allows to increase your tokens offers free game apps to download plus get an entry for big check sweeps keeps track of ones pch history the reminders of contest thruout the day bonuses redeem tokens for cash gift cards, prizes, food gift cards, that all I can think of vip is on place I go several times a day for info or reminders. Keeps one organized of what and ifs in pch the alerts help one to not miss out on entries,games and contests. Guess you can tell I like VIP a lot really love it-again thanks PCH I want to win superprize PCH on Oct. 9th your fan and pch family Claudia Fiedler

  8. Claudia Fiedler says:

    I’m claiming pch gwy 3727 entry to win a dream vacation

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