PCH Vip App

PCH Vip App

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  1. $2,000,000.00 $15,000.00 3,000 tokens

  2. Orlando Jr Almarza says:

    Aloha PCH..

    First, thank you for the upgrade to VIP status! Feeling honored! Per your email, could you please activate my 10X entries for the VIP Exclusive $10,000 Cash Prize for Gwy 7233. Could really use the $$$$$.
    Also, could you please activate my entries for Gwy 7028 / $10,000 – “Prize Patrol Party” Sweepstakes.

    Thank you..

  3. I was honored when I received a notice from VIP saying that I received 6 entries for PCH VIP $100,000 bonus for “Win it All” Sweepstake, and $40,000 VIP Exclusive prize. Thank you very much for everything you have done for me! VIP, you are awesome!

  4. Ronald Douglas says:

    I’m a pch vip in nothing happen.

  5. Denis Marchand says:

    Thanks for the VIP status,now I need something to help me navigate through the system and and the computer as I am a novice in comp 101 and I am ready for a timely winner to help spread the word on PCH…..I am also waiting to meet the PCH Team at any moment…Thanks

  6. Mary Jo Forren says:

    I, too would like winning tonight-what a challenge this has been for me and my small knowledge of computer. Try this and if it don’t work stay at it. Interesting and am learning much besides the pleasure that comes with it. Feel like I have new friends that are with each of us all the time. Praises to the whole team!1

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